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The SeventyOne Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the Philippines, we strive to promote the advocacy of ecotourism and sustainability. We also aim to lend a hand in the betterment of the livelihood of coastal communities as well as marine conservation.

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We offer a free, digital eco-travel magazine, SeventyOne. The bi-annual publication revolves on the ideas of sustainable tourism and the protection of our seas in the Philippines.

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We highlight both the ongoing issues and the most difficult environmental and social problems throughout the Philippines, as well as success stories that play a part in solving them.

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The Wave

Get prime information and updates on eco-travel and marine conservation in the Philippines with The Wave. Receiving the latest news and staying knowledgeable on these important topics has been made easy and more convenient.

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Are You Ready To Help?

The Philippines’ coastal communities are facing a multitude of struggles. Fortunately, there are just as many ways for you to help. Everyone can contribute something to the SeventyOne Foundation so we encourage you to join us and take action.

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The SeventyOne Foundation depends on the support and donations from our major partners. These organizations and businesses play an integral role in our never-ending quest for the progress of ecotourism.

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