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SeventyOne Foundation

The SeventyOne Foundation aims to aid the coastal communities of the Philippines, and to promote the fundamentals of marine conservation. We also strive to uphold the concepts of eco-travel as we believe that it is the key to a sustainable tourism industry.

Free Magazine


We publish the SeventyOne digital magazine bi-annually. We showcase the current status of eco-travel and marine conservation in the Philippines, and share stories, concerns, as well as travel tips.

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Travel Blog

The Wave

Stay keen on the latest news in the Philippine tourism sphere through The Wave. The travel blog also gives light on the foundation and its efforts for cleaner seas and a more eco-friendly tourism industry.

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Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors come from different walks of life, each with his or her unique story to tell. Their varying voices and opinions on ecotourism and the protection of the Philippines’ natural riches embody the very mission of the SeventyOne Foundation.

Tanya Salamanca

Tanya has been the editor-in-chief for SeventyOne Magazine for 2.5 years. She is an environmentally-conscious sun child who practises sustainable living; an advocate for marine conservation; and promotes waste reduction. She pursues her quest to be an eco-warrior and can be found traveling Asia, contributing to eco-friendly communities and supporting local good will Filipino organzations.

Mike Stott

Mike founded SeventyOne back in 2016 due to his love for traveling, water sports, and the ocean. He has been traveling the Philippines for over five years and has been to twenty-one provinces; his favorite place so far is Panglao, Bohol. He is also an Advanced Open Water diver.

M.M. Maglasang

MM wears many professional hats including Technical Writer, Marketing Officer, and Project Manager. Committed to marine conservation, she has been involved in many conservation projects around the Philippines. You can find her onstage performing improv, or under the sea, skindiving.

Mishael Ardoña

Mishael has been working as a photo editor for 5 years. He loves dogs, sports, travel, taking photographs, nature, and the ocean. From snorkeling in shallow waters, he decided to learn freediving in 2017 to go deeper and explore the life underwater. He is currently an Advanced Freediver.

Faith Mari Baquirquir

Faith is a freediver, traveler, and writer. Her love for the ocean drives her to make eco-conscious decisions as much as possible. She believes that the small things we do everyday can make a big difference. Once afraid of the deep blue, she now spends most of her leisure time underwater.

Our Partners

Our partner’s contributions help the SeventyOne Foundation’s cause, they allow us to continue with our quest to improve the quality of ecotourism and marine conservation in the Philippines, and better the livelihood of its coastal communities.

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