Camping is a great outdoor activity for anyone looking to escape the stresses of day-to-day life. What you should take on your camping trip depends on what type of trip you have in mind, of course. But whatever you plan, solo or with family, and wherever you want to explore, there are certain camping gears that you will not want to forget. Here are the basic camping essentials for your upcoming trip.


This may be the most obvious, but many people think that they’ll just stretch-out under the stars when rain and bugs are only a couple of the reasons why it’s best to bring along a tent, or at the very least, a zipped-up hammock.

Light and Fire

Make sure to purchase a flashlight that can cover a wide radius and can go over long distances. And do not forget to bring matches for cooking or for a campfire (if needed), unless you want to make fire from scratch.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are the easiest to pack form of bedding for camping trips. Of course, you can just bring your own thick rug to share with your friends if you all can tolerate the creases and rocks of the ground you’re sleeping on. Be sure to purchase a sleeping bag that is appropriate for the temperature you plan to be in.


Some of us are okay with eating dry foods throughout the camping trip, but if you want a warm savory meal, then bring along a portable stove. Make sure you purchase something lightweight so it won’t be a hassle to bring with you.


Best for group camping trips; there is no doubt you are going to want a cooler to keep your drinks and perishable goods cold.

Rainproof Shell

Even if the weather is being nice and is guaranteed sunshine, still bring a rainproof shell along with you. There is nothing worse than not being able to leave your tent because it’s pissing down outside.

Cooking and Eating Needs

Whether you just want to make fried rice or just boil drinking water on an open fire, you’re going to need gear to cook with during the trip, along with cutleries, plates and cups to eat and drink from.

These are the 6 essentials for a worry-free camping getaway. But of course, you can still add to this depending on your needs. Just remember to make a checklist before heading out.