Are you on a look out to finding a good vacation spot which offers you the respite that you badly need? A place where time is oblivious and in slow motion due to the peace and quiet it provides? Well, the good news is that you don’t need to fly to another country to replenish your weary and worn-out soul. All you need is an hour flight to Bacolod and you’ll find yourself lost in the beauty of it all, that is, in the comforts of Nature’s Village Resort.

With a homey atmosphere and laid-back attitude, this resort proves to be one of the reasons why you should include Negros in your travel goals with sustainability at mind. Located in the city of Talisay which is a 10-minute ride away from the airport, this place is definitely a must-visit.

Make it a stepping stone to seeing the rest of what Bacolod has to offer, Nature’s Village is an accessible and convenient place to stay at since it is a few yards away from The District North Point. Mind you, Nature’s Village Resort is also a short 15-minute ride to the well-famed The Ruins so you never have to worry about the travel time you’ll be consuming to and from this popular landmark.

Nature’s Village Resort at a Glimpse

The beauty of a place is sometimes a hit or a miss and if you ask me where Nature’s Village Resort falls, the answer is that it’s a resounding hit without blinking an eye. It’s the perfect place to be when you want to shut yourself from the outside world, disconnect from all the noise and be one with your thoughts.

You won’t miss the resort as from the main road you are greeted by their stylish sign and the actual resort sits a short 100-150 meters away down a shaded tree-lined pathway from the main road of Talisay. I specifically enjoy walking on this particular pathway, as it is quiet and peaceful. The sound has a relaxing feel to it as I listen to the playful fashion on how the trees frivolously dance and sway to the rhythm of the wind. It was one of those days when I was just living in the moment, reveling in the beauty of it all. Happiness, after all, does come cheap.

Upon entrance, one couldn’t help but admire the homey feel of the place. The furniture and interiors speak volumes. Nature’s Village is undoubtedly channeling a rustic countryside theme which made it all the more charming. Hence, I wouldn’t blame you if you extend your stay for another extra day or two.

Eco-conscious Accommodation in the Heart of Negros

More than just its facilities and rustic ambience as it is also an eco-conscious resort that prides itself in practicing sustainable tourism and development. How do they do this despite the fact that it is a favorite place among Negrenses?

The management and the staff are well-trained to observe eco-friendly practices. Being a green resort, Nature’s Village Resort lives true to its name. Most of the rooms, particularly their bathrooms are equipped with do’s and dont’s which inform guests on how to participate in its green initiative movement.

The resort also has an onsite organic farm in which they produce some of the food available on their menu. The farm also goes hand in hand with their vermiculture site which helps convert the organic waste into fertilizer so the cycle revolves.

Another practice that the resort strongly adheres to would be the Solid Waste Management Program of Talisay City by providing trash bins all throughout the property. These trash bins are individually indicated and labeled ‘Degradable, Biodegradable, and Non-biodegradable.’ In this manner, the resort further strengthens the environmental advocacy of the City of Talisay.

Amenities and Facilities

One of the most visited facilities would be Salvacion Park as it features a 3-feet kiddie pool and 25-meter lap pool. If you could not bear the heat, taking a dip in their pool to cool you off sounds a good idea. Aside from this, the park also features gazebos where you can picnic with your family and friends. There’s also a children’s playground filled with seesaw, barracks, and swings to keep the kids busy.

On the other far end of the resort is Camp Edgar. Set in a sprawling lush garden and greenery, this is by far the quietest part of Nature’s Village. Hidden and tucked away from the busier Salvacion Park and the Village Hotel, Camp Edgar is a nirvana of its own.

With large green lawn filled with eucalyptus trees and palm trees, Camp Edgar is considered to be a haven’s retreat. In fact it is a favorite venue for youth camps, outings, team building, leadership seminars and even sport festivals among locals. One particular structure in the camp which stands out the most would be the Mud House. An eco-friendly accommodation, the Mud House is said to be first of its kind in the island of Negros. Staying in the Mud House sounds like a better deal especially for eco-conscious travelers.

How to Get There

Bacolod can easily be accessed via Manila and other cities by flying directly to Silay International Airport. From the airport, you can ride a mini van en route to Bacolod. Most taxi drivers are aware of where the resort is located.

Nature’s Village Resort therefore is not only a haven for its tranquility but can also be considered an environmental crusader as it continues to educate guests with their sustainability practices and in this process, ‘where the rubber meets the road’ will just be a thing of the past.