What exactly are you looking for when booking your accommodation? Here are 5 boutique hotels in Manila that you should consider! They’re trendy, hip, and full of life!

Amelie Hotel, Malate

Images: ameliehotelmanila.com

Located just five minutes from Manila Bay, Amelie Hotel has the location down to a T. The rooms are wonderfully simplistic, with art and other pieces inspired by its surroundings, allowing for a holistic experience.

The Henry Hotel, Pasay

Image: vossy.com

Out of the four types of accommodation available at the Henry Hotel, there is not one that is clearly better than the other. Each room has its own quirks and perks, yet all scream out “CLASSIC” from the moment you step in.

Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, Makati

Images: picassomakati.com

This accommodation is exactly as the name suggests. Inspired by artist Pablo Picasso, you will struggle to find anywhere else as artsy as this. Incredibly modern while subtly sprinkled with the man’s genius, there is nowhere else like it.

The Bayleaf, Intramuros

Image: intramuros.thebayleaf.com.ph

If you think the Bayleaf looks grand from the outside, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Whatever old-world charm the exterior exudes is offset by the wonderfully modern, tidy rooms they have on offer. What a wonderful blend of grandeur and quaintness!

Luneta Hotel, Ermita

Images: boardinggate101.com

No hotel list is complete without the historic Luneta Hotel. Since its completion in 1919, it has seen Manila go through its many trials and transformations, including the ‘Liberation of Manila’ in 1945.

Today, it has been renovated, and now stands as a stunning, unique boutique hotel across Rizal Park. Come visit, soak up the history, and enjoy a relaxing holiday!

Know of any other boutique hotels in Manila? Let us know!