We’re ever-grateful to our advertisers. No matter where you advertise or which option you go for, your advert cost will contribute to the function of the SeventyOne Foundation.

SeventyOne Magazine

SeventyOne Magazine is available to read for free anywhere and at any time. We take our readers beyond what’s expected of the standard print magazines, and offer a more interactive publication making the whole experience more appealing.

Embedded Links

Readers are re-directed to your website with just a click of a button, giving them exposure to what you have to offer.

Fully Interactive

Our fully interactive interface makes adverts standout and makes for easy engagement through rich marketing.

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Instantly become recognised as a partner.

The Wave

An engaging blog that allows readers to scroll through exciting and relevant articles showcased in a colorful, vibrant layout. It’s attractive, easy to navigate, and really enjoyable to read.

Get your products to standout with our simple yet stunning layout, perfect for a wide range of marketing opportunities. We have various different strategic positions around our blog to optimize customer engagement, allowing our readers to come to you naturally.

We also offer advert options in fully customizable shapes and sizes to allow for stunning marketing that attracts our reader’s eyes.

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Interactive Map

Our interactive map makes travel-planning easy. Users can search for their next travel destination in the Philippines from their mobile devices. The map is a superb way to reach a huge customer-based audience looking for services like yours. It is designed to give you extensive exposure to new customers. Put your business on the map!


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