If traveling is not life-changing enough for you, then try to travel and volunteer at the same time. The idea of exploring new places and learning new things is really fascinating. But doing something that could help not only yourself but also other people is a different level.

Becoming a volunteer can also be an exceptional way to see the country’s off the beaten track, learn new skills, and see the world in a different perspective. Below are 5 organizations where you can volunteer as a backpacker and at the same time, see the country in a standpoint.

Marine Life

Marine Conservation Philippines
Location: Zamboanguita
Duration: 8 weeks
Cost: $3600 for 8 weeks

If you are a big fun or marine life, then staying in the Philippines would be an amazing experience for you. What more, you can apply as a volunteer in Marine Conservation Philippines. By joining this program, you are not only contributing to fighting predatory industrial fishing, pollution, global warming, and deliberately calculated harvesting of endangered species, you will also improve your diving skills, knowledge about fish and coral species, and other beneficial information for you to improve yourself and environment.

Feeding Program

Feed the Hungry
Location: Quezon City
Duration: Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Cost: Free but donations will be greatly appreciated

Most travelers stay in Metro Manila to spend a night or two from their flight before exploring other parts of the country. Why not make your stay more meaningful by becoming a volunteer to feed the hungry? A soup kitchen called Karinderia in Mang Urot is always in need of helping hands to assist them to prepare, contribute, or sponsor on their feeding program! They feed a group of 40 to 100 people three times a week, regardless of whether they are rich or poor, as long as they are hungry!


Kaya Responsible Travel
Location: Tacloban City and other rural places in the Philippines
Duration: 4 weeks – 12 weeks
Cost: Rate starts from $1300

On this program, the volunteer will be assigned in rural places in the Philippines with little to no access to medical facilities. By applying to this program, your duties will vary from the needs of a particular location. Your major role, however, will revolve around helping local doctors and nurses who need assistance in supplying basic medical care and education to poor communities in the Philippines.

House Building Project

Habitat for Humanity Philippines
Location: Different places in the Philippines
Duration: Time commitment depends on your availability or the requirements
Cost: Free but donations will be greatly appreciated

Whether you don’t or you do have an experience in building a house before, you can help Habitat for Humanity Philippines those people in need especially those victims or natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquake. Since 1988, the organization has assisted more than 60,000 families in the Philippines alone with shelter after disasters and conflicts. The job mostly consists of carpentry and other building tasks.


ELI Intern & Volunteer
Location: Tacloban City
Duration: 2 weeks – 12 weeks
Cost: Starts at $850

If you love kids and want to make a big impact on their lives, then volunteering in an orphanage would be a fulfilling experience for you. ELI Intern & Volunteer works with different orphanages on Leyte Island. These orphanage houses accommodate 45 to more than 100 orphans, abandoned children, and runaways. As a volunteer, you provide basic care for the orphans and participate in programs like games, health education, and art.