Two friends on board a timeworn and renovated fishing boat with no specific destination in mind were soon later revealed of the natural and raw beauty of Palawan’s North. An unforgettable journey travelling with local fishermen, living in their communities, and learning about their lives and cultures paved the way to understanding to what they call “the most authentic and ideal life” in such a paradise.

Teeming with excitement and bliss of this newfound paradise, the friends later on realized that home is a feeling they get from living free and loose in open nature. And thus, Tao Philippines is born with a desire to give genuine adventures and experiences through the most scenic beauty of the island-province of Palawan.

About Tao Philippines


Tao, meaning “Human” in the Filipino language, was founded in 2006 by Eddie Agamos Brock and Jack Foottit. Tao Philippines is a social enterprise that focuses on sharing genuine Filipino island life with the journey to discover the far-flung but tropical regions of Palawan. With Tao, you get to experience how to be truly present in the place and interact with the locals while taking part in their daily life.

Their Mission

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Tao Philippines has built its own community and have been helping the said community from the very start. Their social responsibility has helped them build learning centers in remote villages and even offers scholarships to talented students to universities and colleges. They have also created more opportunities that empowers women. Among these are trainings about relaxation massage techniques and producing cold press coconut oil which they can use to get involved directly with Tao and benefit economically which in turn gives a better life for the family.

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Tao believes in leaving as less footprints as possible making them build their own buildings using naturally preserved local bamboo. With this, Tao was able to build huts for accommodation and also bamboo houses for schooling and now employs 40 fishermen as their bamboo carpenters.

Tao believes in self-sufficiency and tries to go back to farming practices before the use of chemical products. Tao has invested time in learning about natural farming where they don’t fight with nature but rather tries to understand it and work with it.

Why You Should Join


Ever dreamed about disconnecting from all the hustle and bustle of the daily life and just want to get away from everything? Tao Sailing Expedition lets you enjoy exactly that! Get lost in islands untouched by modern men while on board a locally-made boat as you begin your pursuit for adventure and serenity.

On board an impressive 74-foot Paraw sailboat, the largest in the Philippines, you get to join travelers in this unique journey between El Nido and Coron, while devouring the untouched and equally beautiful Linapacan cluster of islands.

In this sailing expedition, you will be a part of a team of Tao sailors who were among the craftsmen who originally built the Paraw boat. These Tao sailors have no fixed itinerary in mind besides living life and visiting their environmentally developed campsites with like-minded travelers from all over the world.

Spend the day soaking up some sun while reading your book, snorkeling some of the most colorful reefs home to an abundance of exotic fish, or relax on the boat and munch on the native food freshly caught and prepared specially by the boat crew. And if you ever feel thirsty, you can grab a coconut straight from the tree!

After a day of journeying around the archipelago, this pure sailing experience will not be completed without the exploration of the islands, its villages and its people. You’ll get to stay closer to nature and camp to stay the night in one of Tao basecamps where you will get to interact with the villagers and learn about their lives and culture. While in this voyage you can freely explore the camps which are walking distance to some of the most pristine beaches, wild jungles, and stunning coves in the world.

With the experience of a lifetime to spend days sailing and staying the night in an island safari, you will get to wake up to tropical backdrops and soothing waves.

Is This Journey for You?

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A truly unique experience which you will never forget, not only because of the indescribable experience and sceneries but also because of the rawness of the trip itself. Having to sail with Tao is not a luxury trip but rather an immersion of a simpler life focusing on local communities and sustainable practices.

It is a trip where everyone will have a remarkable experience of living the true Filipino island life where you will get to sleep in open huts protected by a mosquito net, only fresh cold water for showering, and little to no cell phone access for most of the time. Sailing with Tao means sailing with an open mind to take a grip at understanding life before modern technology and live a life of indulgence in the simplicity and remoteness of living locally and one with nature.

The Decision Is Yours


Do you want to experience some of the most remote islands in the world, confine yourself to a digital detox, no internet connection just the buzz of mosquitoes and the interaction of human beings?

Tao is not just a normal enterprise but is a community of people willing to help conserve and preserve the beauty that lies within the island of Palawan. It is a learning experience you cannot take away from anything else in the world, an eye-opener to those comfortable at this modern life.

Tao is a tool to get away from the lethal routine and hustle and bustle of daily life. It is a journey of a lifetime that doesn’t observe any particular schedule and only depends on the weather and impulse of everyone on board. So sail around with Tao in the beautiful archipelago of Palawan, this might be the break you have been looking for, go back to basics with a unique experience which can be cherished for a lifetime.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live”
– Hans Christian Andersen