Mindful practices are a psychological process of bringing one’s full attention to the present moment. It is an art that transforms not only the life on an individual, but it can also change and benefit the world. However, it is more than just a moment-to-moment awareness; it is a sympathetic, curious and non-judgmental awareness that helps us relate and connect with ourselves, others, and our environment with utmost compassion.

Today, we are facing troublesome and increasingly complex global challenges, of which climate change is perhaps the most important. But that’s just one thing, there’s also plastic pollution. It is obvious that we must do something about our carbon emissions, start rethinking our use of single-use plastics, and be alarmed with the sudden increase in floods, windstorms and heat waves that all threaten our environment. Let’s stop turning a blind eye and address these through mindful practices.

Become Aware and Connect

Look around you, take a deep breath and be still. Think of how everything is linked together and think of all that shares this space with you. How we are all co-dependents and our actions affect the whole eco-system. Coming to this level may take time, but do not be discouraged and keep the big picture in mind – a healthy place to live in.

Organize Yourself

With all the recent challenges, it is clear that new technology or new governments alone can’t simply solve our problems. We need to develop new social practices, encourage a broader cultural shift towards sustainable living and climate action, and drive a global change. We have to completely rethink and redo how we do things.

Align your lifestyle with mindful practices by being aware of your surroundings. Check your day-to-day routines, are they adding to your carbon footprint? Think of ways how you can be a better steward of the environment. Do the necessary and give up the unnecessary.

Be the Change and Spread the Word

It’s as simple as this: be a great example and live by your beliefs. Have patience and you will see the change as you go. Always bring your enthusiasm and optimism with you every day, and you will attract what you seek.

Learn Something New

Once you’ve mastered the basic living strategies, open yourself to a new chapter and find other meaningful and mindful practices to add to your time. Go on a journey to explore corals, learn how to scuba dive and be able to use this skill to raise awareness. Or simply educate yourself by participating in various green talks and events and use it to battle the struggles we are facing.

Have you been mindful? Please let us know how you do it in the comments section below.