The 27km Pasig River, once a major transport route for traders and served as source of water for most of Manila’s long history. However, due to negligence and industrial development over the last few decades, the river has been polluted by household, solid, and industrial waste. In short, it is unable to sustain life.

Saving the Pasig River


If you have been residing in Metro Manila, you might have accumulated personal stories that involve the Pasig River at some point. Now is the perfect time to recall those memories as the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) is advising the general public to share and spread their personal stories about the river as part of their rehabilitation efforts to save the waterway.

The PRRC will be uploading unique stories, videos or photos, submitted by the public about the river on website, dedicated to increase awareness and provide information to help save the Pasig River. The project aims to educate the citizens on the importance of the river and to inspire them to step up and take part in the restoration efforts.

Participate and Volunteer

Apart from sharing stories, you can also participate in building a long-term relationship with the communities PRRC work with and be able to explore various opportunities for social entrepreneurship. Also, you can dedicate some of your time volunteering and be a ‘River Warrior.’

Images: ABS-CBN Foundation | Inquirer News

Pasig River was once a beautiful river in the heart of Manila, and it refuses to die. Let us all join the efforts of PRRC and bring back the life the river used to have.

While there is life, there is hope.