Have you ever thought of sharing your talents for conservation? There are a lot of amazing writers, photographers, researchers or videographers out there wanting to share their time and talent to help a cause. Numerous nonprofit organizations are in need of visual content to tell the stories of their work and be able to spread awareness.

Moreover, if you know how to scuba dive, you can start learning about corals and later on be an advocate of the sea. Be the eyes and the voice of the ocean and educate the people about the dangers our oceans are facing. Or, if you’re good at public speaking and care for Mother Nature, you can start a campaign or a certain project. This can be an outlet for you to spread the word on plastic pollution or climate change. There are a lot of ways you can share and pass on your abilities, and encourage everyone to share their talents for conservation.

How to begin?

It’s easy, volunteer! Browse through available projects online in certain locations and visit websites like LAMAVE, Coral Cay Conservation, Greenpeace Philippines or any other orgs that may need your talent. Fill up the forms and shortly you will be directly contacted to discuss project requirements in further detail.


Some projects may ask you to cover your expenses, if you are down with that, go for it. And there are some projects that offer a limited number of grants, which will cover all your expenses. So it’s all up to you really.

Share you talents for conservation for the good of our planet

Whatever you decide, you will do well as you will be a warrior of our planet. You will also be able to hone your talents and passion, and be able to gain knowledge in different areas that will protect the Earth. If you share your talent for conservation, you can make an impact and change people’s perspectives.