Why YOU can make a difference

The Philippines needs more people to rally against the odds and stand for a better tomorrow. Even amidst the looming dangers brought by the apparent global warming, as well as the now-called “plastic age” that we’re currently experiencing; the SeventyOne Foundation believes that there is still a “future worth fighting for” in this beautiful archipelago.

A single person’s effort can send ripples of hope and progress to those in need of help. Through the SeventyOne Foundation, you can start your very own fundraising campaign to finance your personal endeavors for the betterment of the Philippine waters and its coastal communities.

SeventyOne Foundation sees itself as a catalyst—use us to raise awareness and money in order to support your aspirations for the benefit of many. It takes only one person’s will and dedication to affect the daily lives of many; be that person.

You can start your fundraising campaign in our behalf in your own barangay, municipality, or city. Through our name and assistance, we can spread your ideas and aid in finding more support for your cause.

In a very dark world that’s famished of optimism and is blinded by apathy, you can be the beacon that sheds light and ignite the passions of other citizens for the environment and a green future.

How YOU can make a difference 

So, who exactly can you help? Your village may need cleaning projects, your barangay could use a public forum and orientation to raise awareness about sewage clogging or the like, your local reefs and beaches may be in a state where they require urgent healing and recovery, your city might have locals who are willing to pull through for the environment but need somewhere to get started; all of these places, people, and many more are the ones who need you.

You can start by yourself or with a group of peers who are just as passionate as you are—from classmates to co-workers, anyone willing to help is more than welcome. For more information, check out SeventyOne Foundation.