There are many ways to go green but by syncing up with the members of your community, together with friends and family, you get to magnify your power as a steward of the Earth. Here are 5 basic steps that you can start to be part of everyone’s environmental practice.

Create a Book Club

You don’t only get to share your books; you get rid of old books piling up in your home. Host book swaps, book donations, or even get each member research on recent environmental news and issue that can be shared on next meetings. Through this, you empower yourself and others to work towards the betterment of the planet.

Nature Photography Class

Encourage everyone to learn a new skill while celebrating the outdoors through the lens. If you get people to capture nature’s beauty, they are more than likely to have a greater appreciation for all of Mother Earth.

Film Screening

Host a film screening and show an environmental documentary. Of course, make sure you brief your family, friends and the community the importance of it and discuss goals and plans you wish to be executed. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn!


Another thing everyone can enjoy is to attend workshops. Pick an activity that is not only educational but also enjoyable, like how to recycle old clothes, how to make a vertical garden through plastic bottles, or just how to make art through trash. Through this, we prevent more things from entering landfills.

Beach Cleanups

This is probably one of the best ways to go green with family, friends and the community. You get everyone closer through picking up trash on the beach while enjoying the sun and the ocean breeze.

Aren’t these ways to go green exciting? What are you waiting for? Share you ideas to the people around you and make eco-warriors out of them!