Most businesses, big or small, think their low-cost ways and eco efforts may take too long to deliver any real business benefits, or just don’t feel they have the time or energy to even think of their business’ environmental impact. Of course, when you’re used to doing things the same, it’s a challenge to change your battle plan. But this shouldn’t be the case. Here are some quick and easy ways to do your bit in saving the planet, which will also give your business a decent return on your sustainability investment.

Ditch the paper

This is one of the easiest low-cost ways to make your business eco—friendly. Whatever your business is, preparing some form of documentation will always be part of an average business day. If it is all paper-based, that adds up to a lot of trees torn down, a lot of water used, and a lot of your money and time spent printing and posting.

We are in an era where everything is online. Any letter or important papers can be sent easily via email. Make use of the web and search for apps that will make life easier and the environment better.

Cut down on your emissions

If you use a vehicle for your business or planning to, replace or choose low-emission alternatives. This may not happen overnight, but this is something to think about, especially when your business is still small.

Create green partnerships

Showing the world that you care about who you do business with is one thing, and choosing the right partners who share the same principles is another. Create green partnerships and send a positive message to your customers about what your business stands for. This will also attract the best employees.

If you work with service providers who do their bit in preserving the environment, you are indirectly boosting your own business and setting a good example to others.

Buy second-hand office furniture

Equipping your office with good-as-new furniture could save you serious money. It is also a great means to reduce your business’ consumption and waste by saving perfectly good fixtures and fittings from landfill.

Install low-flow and LED

Save energy and money by installing low-flow faucets and toilets and LED bulbs in your office. You may think this is not considered as one of the low-cost ways, but mind you, it’s just a one-time thing as you will see your electric and water bill dramatically decrease.

Help a green cause

There are numerous environmental charities and organizations out there that are in need of help, and that help doesn’t have to be in form of money.

Spend your team buildings volunteering, or participate in coastal cleanups. Or simply take part in sponsored runs or any sport events to raise money for a green charity. The options are endless! You are not only making it fun for your employees, but for Mother Earth too.

These low-cost ways are advantageous to all aspects of your business. Once you’ve done your part, you can incorporate your efforts in your marketing materials and social media accounts.

Everything in life is a choice. So choose the best for your business! Save money and boost your business’ reputation.