Growing your own herbs and vegetables is all the rage nowadays. You may have thought of starting a garden and growing your own, but decided that running to the nearby market or supermarket was the ideal way. Think again! Here are the reasons why you should grow your own produce:

Save Money

The most significant reason to start your herb and veggie patch is the price, especially now that Filipino consumers are facing an uphill battle with inflation. Commercially produced fruit, herbs and vegetables are expensive and many of those have travelled thousands of miles just to reach your plate. You will also make fewer trips to the grocery store, means less errands and you save gas money.

Freshness and Flavor

We’ve all faced the problem of reaching into our fridge only to find limp or bruised herbs and vegetables. You wouldn’t have that problem when you can pick them out straight from your backyard and to your plate. Most supermarket produce is picked half ripe to extend shelf life, affecting both flavor and nutritional value. Nothing beats homegrown.

Food Safety

Growing your own produce exempts you and your family from ingesting synthetic chemicals that supermarket-bought produce may contain. Your food is safe, fresh, and nutritious when it comes straight from your home.

Health and Well Being

The practice of gardening itself involves the finding of inner peace and reconnecting with nature. It also allows your to share and it gives you the feeling of contentment once you see people enjoy the food you brought to the table. Apart from that, a diet rich in vegetables have a lot of health benefits. Organic gardening is certainly the right choice for your, your family, and the world.


It isn’t only for you, but for everyone in the household. It keeps everyone healthy, as gardening is a therapeutic exercise; it also instills a sense of respect and appreciation to nature.

Building Communities

Sharing your experiences, knowledge, and bounty of the garden with family, friends, and neighbors is the greatest gift of growing your own herbs and vegetables. It helps in creating a healthier, stronger, and sustainable community.

Visit your local farmer today and start growing your own herbs and vegetables to reap all these benefits!