Cloth menstrual pads are healthier and eco-friendly replacement to disposable tampons and sanitary pads used by women who are on their period, experiencing post partum flow, and also by people who are slightly incontinent. These are made of layers of absorbent cloth and are washed and dried in between each use.

Whatever the reason may be, every person still on the tampons or disposable pads should start thinking about doing the switch. Here’s why:


Image: Facebook/GreenPadsPH

Conventional disposable pads can contain plastics, adhesives, fragrances and chemical gels – things you don’t want next to your private area. While tampons being as harmful, it doesn’t only dry out the vaginal walls; it also carries the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) – which is stated in the instructions of every tampon box. Isn’t that alarming?

Cloth menstrual pads are free from any of these materials and dangers. Get rid of rashes, soreness, and other skin irritations you get from plastic in disposable products and give your body the utmost care and treatment it deserves.


The average woman can use 12 to 16 thousand disposable pads, tampons, and liners in her lifetime. Not to mention, the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping waste just to get these products from the factory to the shops, then to you. Yep, that’s a lot of waste that goes to our landfills and our oceans.

The dependency of our society today on cheap disposables over high quality reusable products is appalling. This is the ugly truth, and we can only turn this around when we start to value quality over wastefulness.


Think of it this way, would you rather pay for something that contributes to the destruction of our environment? Or would you opt to pay for something within a higher price range but can last for more than 5 years and wouldn’t put your health in danger? You pick. Cloth menstrual pads may be expensive at first, but it pays off over time.

Bottom line, deciding what kind of menstrual protection to use is all up to you. However, do not ignore your health. Take charge and make conscious decisions about the way you treat your body. Switching to cloth menstrual pads or to any reusable menstrual products means 2 things, you save yourself money and you save the planet.