If you haven’t heard, the world’s first biodegradable urns are now in the Philippines, thanks to Bios Philippines! Bios is a company that deals with creating a sustainable and eco-friendly solution in line with the inevitable point of human and animal life. These biodegradable urns store the ashes of our loved ones together with a tree seed of your choice. The ashes below the soil mix will then serve as a fertilizer for the tree. Cool huh?

Why this matters

Biodegradable Urns are focused on bringing life after death by turning ashes into trees in a pro-environment way. Bios is on a mission to turn graveyards into forests and believes that our departed loved ones deserve more than being buried 6ft under. If we all become trees after this life, we get to take care of the planet all over again.


The 100% biodegradable urn retails for 8,500 pesos, which can store both human and pet remains. It can work with any type of seed but the company only offers 3 seed options for Philippine Customers – Mahogany, Acacia, or the Fire Tree. All of these trees grow strong and beautifully, providing good shelter to those in need.


“Imagine visiting your loved ones in forests, not graveyards. We see a greener world with Bios Urn. We celebrate life through turning ashes into trees. We redefine life after death. What would you prefer to leave behind: a tombstone or a tree?” reads a post by Bios Philippines on Facebook.

Bios Philippines believes in the greener alternative to burial and that more people should take part in the environmentally responsible way to pay respect to a life that once walked the Earth.

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