Make the planet proud this Christmas by turning your holiday shopping into an act of kindness with these eco-friendly gift ideas that give back to communities and the environment. That’s what the holidays are really about anyways, giving back.

Bukid ni Bogs

Image: Facebook/BukidNiBogs

A permaculture farm and training center that promotes sustainable organic farming and earth healing in Zamboanga del Sur. Their handmade bath bars are made with organic ingredients and come in variants like calamansi, cucumber, turmeric, etc. Celebrate the season of giving through these sustainable, cruelty-free and eco-friendly products and support the local community.

Maranao Collectibles

Image: Facebook/MaranaoCollectibles

Langkit weaving is a traditional style of weaving in Lanao del Sur. These pieces of multi-colored fabric are usually used to decorate the malong, but can also be used as raw materials to create bags, clothes, straps, mats, and the like. Maranao Collectibles, a group of internally displaced women and men from Marawi, are re-establishing their livelihoods and promoting their craft, culture and tradition through these beautiful woven and embroidered art pieces.

LoveHopeFaith Group

Image: Facebook/LoveHopeFaith

Giving time is one thing, but saving a life is another. This group has been dedicating their time in helping and serving cancer patients since 2013. They aim to give joy and hope through a cause-oriented enterprise by providing affordable products to Filipinos and giving back to the community. For every purchase of their Lifesaver watch, the group donates 50% of the net proceeds to the medication of cancer patients and their various beneficiaries.

Anthill Fabric Gallery

Anthill creates eco-friendly gift pieces that anyone can wear with pride, from hand-woven clothing to travel accessories. They are a social and cultural enterprise working to preserve local weaves through contemporary and zero waste design. This sustains the livelihood of community partners from the north and south of the country.

Image: Facebook/AnthillFabricGallery

Siklo Pilipinas

Image: Facebook/SikloPilipinas

Siklo makes the perfect eco-friendly gift to those who love the outdoors. They produce a range of eco-ethical lifestyle bags made from repurposed inner tubes and old tires. This means, all their bags are tough and waterproof, as well as sustainable and handmade. Since 2012, they have upcycled more than 17 tons of discarded tires and inner tubes that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Please support local and we hope that these eco-friendly gift ideas will make it to your list this Christmas!