At present, Cebu is in full economic bloom, with people finding the allure of being able to enjoy a commercial city sitting in and amongst nature (with Cebu I.T. Park and Business Park very good examples of that). Tourists and expats are flocking to Cebu City for this very reason.

Just outside of Cebu City, however, lies a nature lover’s and adventure seeker’s dream. Danasan Eco-Adventure Park  has “adventure” in its name for good reason, and if you are somebody who craves adventure and heart-pounding excitement, this one is for you!



A complete turnaround from La Mesa and Aliwagwag, that both have activities for those who choose to venture to their neck of the woods, most who come to Danasan Eco-Adventure Park show up for one reason – to enjoy an adrenaline rush amongst a natural backdrop. Get yourself a day-pass and you’re good to go!

This Ecopark is located within a mountain range, meaning you will be treated to a 360° view of nothing but nature at its best. Enough of this, let’s dive right in!

Two settings: Extreme…

Alright, so there are quite a few crazy things for you to try when you arrive at the Ecopark.

  • Skydrop


The name gives it all away; this is a 130-foot swing that has you (and a friend) free falling from a height. 100% to get your heart racing.

  • Twin Tower Adventure


Climb up 60 or 120 feet, whichever is to your liking, on one tower and cross over to the other via a series of cables, before rappelling down the other.

  • Three Waterfalls


Not exciting enough for you? Why not try rappelling down one of these waterfalls, or try the ‘Tyolean Traverse’ across the second set of falls? That is just you attached to a cable by your waist, with your arms and legs the only thing keeping you moving.

  • Wakeboard


One of only two wake parks in Cebu, two man-made lakes for differing difficulties sparkle beautifully. Instructors are available for newbies.

  • Cave Exploration

Image: JRDelta Travel & Tours

This may not sound too exciting, but if you go ahead with it, expect to put almost every survival skill you know, from swimming to crawling in tight spaces, to good use.

  • All-Terrain Vehicle


Most of these different activities need an ATV to be accessed, but if you want to experience it for yourself first hand, you can hire one and go on a trail that takes you up, down, and through dirt roads and sections of forest.

And a little less so

  • Rope Obstacle Course

Suspended several tens of feet above ground, work your way through a series of ropes, obstacles, and challenges!

  • Zipline

No adventure park in the Philippines is complete without one of these. This particular one is 440m long, with the additional perk of being able to ride horseback back to the starting point!

Otherwise, there is always a good old fashioned trek up and down the mountain range and across the terrain. The days are generally quite cool as you have the shade of the forest towering above you and a slight breeze whistling past you, making trekking this Ecopark a unique and relaxing adventure in itself.

Swimming, horseback riding, and the SkyBike is also available for use if that tickles your fancy (all at a cost, of course).

There is also accommodation on site for anybody who wants to spend more than a day there at the park proper! It is not too far from Danao City center (about an hour by car) but if you do wish to stay nearby contact them!



Address: Brgy. Danasan, Danao City, 6004 Cebu
Entrance fee: ₱80/adult, ₱50/child under 10

Some of you are looking for adventure, while others will be looking for a more traditional park experience. Either way, as long as you are in the Cebu area, find some time in your schedule and experience this Ecopark; you never know, you may find yourself enjoying it.

Visit Danasan Eco-Adventure Park the next time you’re traveling the wider Cebu area! Don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellent and just have a good time!