Being an eco-tourist is a demanding task. It is a choice that comes with a huge undertaking and requires conviction and commitment. A lot of people associate their travels with foolhardy fun and spending, and deciding to be an eco-tourist may alter a lot of the commonly identified elements of leisure traveling.

Going green in your travels is entailed with many decisions. It’s important to do research and to stay diligent with the places you’ll be visiting in order to truly be green. Here are some tips to ensure your trips become greener:

Follow the rules set upon you

A lot of the times—especially for high-traffic destinations—visitors should follow the simple regulations. While a lot of these are associated with common sense, many tourists still choose to ignore the basic rules like throwing your waste in the proper garbage area, not feeding any wildlife, etc. Don’t be that kind of tourist!

Go for multiple-use items

Water bottles, plastic straws, and polystyrene foam items should be avoided by green travelers. These one-time use materials are some of the major contributors to the apparent “plastic age” we’re currently experiencing. Go for reusable water jugs and biodegradable paper straws and plates that can be turned into compost.

Choose to support establishments that share your ideals

A smart green traveler would only avail the services and accommodations of businesses that also support clean travel and eco-tourism. Don’t go to sites that compromise the lives of local communities, wild life, and the environment. Only avail the services of shops and lodgings that follow the proper protocols of sustainable commerce. Moreover, do not condone the illegal markets by purchasing banned products like animal parts or pieces of the site as souvenirs.

While it might be difficult at first, going green is satisfying. Look at the long-term effects of your personal sacrifices and feed your soul with the accomplishments brought about by being an eco-tourist.