A wonderful, relaxed beach to kick back on and coral reefs to explore. Surrounded by smiling, hard-working locals – life doesn’t get much better than the island vibe. You may not know the name but, Malapascua needs to be on your bucket list right now!

This feature takes you right where it all happens, fully decked out with white sandy beaches, the famous Thresher shark, and one very special eco-conscious dive resort.

Why Malapascua?

Image: Facebook/EvolutionDivingMalapascua

Most people travel to this neck of the woods for one simple reason – its world-class diving sites. With a few wrecks, colorful coral reefs, and the world-renowned, Monad shoal, all within spitting distance, and it is no wonder that people have been flocking to the island for a while now.

Situated on the quieter end of Bounty Beach is Evolution Diving Resort. Its rooms are clean with a quality furnish, and a breathtaking view of the open ocean. It’s the perfect place for you to lay your head in this little slice of paradise, but there’s more that meets the eye!

The Evolution Environment

Image: Facebook/EvolutionDivingMalapascua

What truly makes Evolution a phenomenon for environmental consciousness is their attention to detail; more specifically, their attention to ensuring all three R’s (reduce, recycling, reusing) are adequately met.

In their efforts to reduce, they have cut out plastic straws altogether, and have for five years. They also use refillable soaps and shampoos for their guests, LED bulbs for the extra lifespan and to help lower their carbon footprint, and also, most of their resort is made from highly sustainable, local resources, such as bamboo.

Old detergent bottles are reused and repurposed as plant pots, while wine bottles are cut to make light fittings. Oh, and they compost anything biodegradable and send all the recyclable plastics and metals to the appropriate facilities off the island. They are truly paving the way in Malapscua.

“Its commitment to the environment and the local people is pretty next level and is something the resort is very proud of.”

More on the Resort

Image: Allways Dive Expeditions

Literally meters away from the relaxing white sand beach, the accommodation was built specifically with you in mind. There are two styles of rooms – deluxe and garden fan – but whichever way you decide to go, you will not be disappointed.

The budget-friendly garden rooms come with a bed, fan, and hot and cold water for your shower, whilst the deluxe rooms on the other hand, come with all that and more! In these rooms expect to be greeted with air-conditioning, a TV, a minibar, and even a desk.

On site they also have the Craic House, a bar so unique and arguably unmatched around the country. You may find this name quite international and un-Filipino, and you would be right! This bar on the beach is Irish inspired, Filipino run, and an all-round good time with a lively atmosphere.

They pride themselves on having a concise menu of items they do well, from a homemade tuna burger with jalapeno mayo to their absolutely divine mango cheesecake.

Yolanda and World Toilet Day

Image: Facebook/EvolutionDivingMalapascua

Sadly in 2013, Hurricane Yolanda ran right through Malapascua Island and flattened most of everything. This provided all on Malapascua a stark reality check that most of what they held dear could literally be blown away in a few minutes.

Since then, the island has recovered fantastically, with Evolution, again, leading the charge forward. Houses were rebuilt, roofs were repaired; and then along came the dirty yet essential part of every community – sanitation.

Before Yolanda hit, much of the island had access to very little in the ways of modern comfort, flushing toilets included. The super typhoon was a devastating event, but it allowed Evolution to help the locals restart from scratch. This is where the septic tanks came in.

The following year, 2014, Evolution took a break from diving and busied itself with building communal septic tanks. Each of these tanks would cater to four households (approximately 20 people) and allow the people of Malapascua access to clean, flushing toilets.

This devastation had yet another silver lining. The United Nations took notice of this tragedy and the response to it and brought light to the fact that 2.5 billion people around the world (Malapascua included) had no access to proper sanitation.

The spotlight given to Yolanda provided Malapascua and Evolution with some much-needed relief – funds came from around the world to help with the typhoon relief.

November 8 is the anniversary of Yolanda and November 19 is World Toilet Day. By November 19, 2014, there were more than 500 people on Malapascua Island who gained their first-ever access to a proper toilet, with a special thanks to Evolution!

So where is Malapascua?

Image: simonjpierce.com

The Island is sat right at the northern tip of Cebu Island. To get there you would likely start off in Cebu City. Hire a taxi, a van, or hop on a bus headed to Maya port, there, either hop on a public ferry or hire a private boat to Malapascua Island and Evolution is only a short motorcycle ride away!

Owned and run by two passionate divers, Evolution is the place to be if you are a fan of island living, beachside relaxation, or keen about diving with knowledgeable professionals that know the surrounding waters.

The eco-conscious team is made up mainly of the two owners, three dive guides, three boat captains, and a whole band of ground staff to cater to your needs. Always light, vibrant, and armed with smiles, they will make your stay on the island the best it could be and a memorable one at that.

Image: Facebook/EvolutionDivingMalapascua

In the end, Malapascua Island is a living, breathing community. Over 5000 Filipinos work, play, and rest here daily, and Evolution is proud to be a functioning, contributing part of that community, and the tourism associated with it. Its commitment to the environment and the local people is pretty next level and is something the resort is very proud of.

So the next time you decide to visit Malapascua Island, let Evolution Diving Resort be your accommodation of choice! Every time you lay your head, you can rest well knowing that you are supporting a resort that does its best both for the environment and for the local community.