How well do you know your eco-bag? Is it planet-friendly? Nowadays, there is a growing population of people becoming environmentally conscious and have taken to using eco-friendly bags in order to contribute to saving the planet. Shops from all over the world are phasing out single-use plastic bags and we need to make sure we are choosing a sustainable shopping bag option. Here’s how to choose the best alternative:

Green Eco-Bag

Reusable ‘green bags’ are durable and energy-efficient to make, but they are made from plastic and don’t break down.

Cotton Canvas Eco-Bag

Cotton canvas bags are resilient and biodegradable, but their production is water-intensive. One must have to use them over a hundred times for their environmental impact to outweigh that of single-use plastic bags.

The Best Alternative

The best solution is to use bags made from sustainable fibers – like hemp, jute or tencel. They are are all strong, biodegradable plant fibers, and have minimal impact on the planet. You can also buy second hand cotton bags, or be creative and make your own from an upcycled t-shirt.

Did you know that if we all shopped with reusable bags, we would stop more than 500 billion plastic bags from going to landfill every year? And that’s plastic bag alone. What more if we combine it with other plastic items? Be mindful at all times and think of the next generation, the air you breathe, the place you call home.

Let’s promote a better life one thing at a time. Keep reusing all your bags!