The advocates of a zero-waste, greener and sustainable living are facing a tough call: making the effort to change people’s perspectives and convince them to get out of their comfort zones. Yes it is not their duty to do so, but they are brave enough to step up because there is compassion to save the planet and all forms of life.

We all need to make a conscious effort in bringing a reusable straw even if there will be plastic straws offered; buy tumblers even if there are plastic bottles available everywhere; or carrying a reusable bag every time we go shopping even if there will be plastic bags provided. The challenge becomes tougher when every day life seems the same and unaffected by environmental threats and risks. Fortunately, there are more and more passionate players out there who up their game and making a statement. Whether you’re a consumer or a retailer, here are local brands for you to check out. They try to make the world better, one product at a time.

The Bamboo Company

Images: The Bamboo Company PH

With a goal of creating a better world one step at time, they provide better alternatives to every day products by using bamboo as a sustainable material. They offer a range of toiletries, from bamboo floss to bamboo shavers. Also offering food needs, from bamboo straws to bamboo tumblers and food boxes. Keep an eye on them, as they keep releasing new products to support your sustainable living plans.

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Images: Ritual PH

A small sustainable general store that says no to single-use and only carries locally-produced, eco-friendly, organic items. Their products range from food to drinks to personal care and home cleaning items. Remember to bring your own containers and tubs to fill up; otherwise you will come home empty-handed.

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Images: Kahilom

Kahilom will take you a step closer to mindful and sustainable living, with all natural, biodegradable and cruelty-free products found on their shelves. From travel containers and cleansing bars to healing balms and essential oils among others. Products are sold in small batches and packaged in refillable containers.

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Images: Paralúman

The first step to a zero-waste lifestyle is to be able to identify daily waste; second is to reduce that. Paralúman inspires Filipinos to do such, be mindful of our waste, and be satisfied with what we already have. Less is more, like they say. It’s your one-stop-shop for anything sustainable, carrying only locally handmade products, sourced from different parts of the country – from dining to bathroom needs.

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Frank Green Philippines

Images: Frank Green Philippines

Coming all the way from the land down under, Frank Green envisions a greener, healthier and cleaner Philippines. Their approach to sustainability is by reducing single-use cups and creating a product that is not only functional, but also great for the environment.

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Did we miss anything? If you know of any local brands that will support the sustainable living ideas and plans of those who want to make the change, please let us know in the comments section!