The 1st eco-friendly airport in the Philippines started operations last November 28, 2018. President Rodrigo Duterte led the inauguration of the new airport, November 27, together with transportation, tourism, and other provincial officials.

Total Upgrade

The new airport is designed to be compliant with international standards and to handle the increasing passenger influx in the coming years.

Built on a 220-hectare land in Pangalao Island, this new airport is 10 times bigger and can accommodate 650 passengers during peak hours. The old one can only accommodate 400. It also features flights during the evening, which the old airport did not have as well.

The check-in gates have counters specifically for persons with disabilities. Hallways and international and domestic departures are wider. And departure area is more spacious.

 Note:  All flights from Tagbilaran Airport are now transferred to the new airport.

Japanese Involvement

The construction of the PhP8.91-B Bohol-Panglao International Airport was funded through official development assistance from the Japanese Government, with support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency. The new airport was also designed with Japanese technology.

Eco-friendly Airport

Labeled as the “Green Gateway to the World,” the new eco-friendly airport operates on solar technology. This will lessen their carbon dioxide emissions per year. Moreover, it adopted a rainwater catchment system to cut down the load on the drainage system. All collected rainwater will be utilized for domestic purposes only.

The new airport’s landscape includes 1,700 trees, thousands of shrubs, and 11 hectares of sodding or grass. And to compensate for the trees that had to be taken down to make way for the airport, some 624,100 seedlings are being planted to boost greenery in the area.