Fresh and unpretentious ingredients are the perfect baseline for humble, delicious vegan offerings. Let’s explore the best vegan-friendly restaurants in the Philippines!

 Eat better, feel better.

Green Bar, Makati

Images: Facebook/GreenBarCafe

It is only fitting to begin the vegan adventure in Makati, the fourth-most vegan-friendly city in Asia. Try their vegan roast beef sandwich and have a donut on the go!

Susi, Taguig

Images: Facebook/SusiPhilippines

Instagram-worthy, delicious, vegan food – does that not just tick all three boxes? Prepare a feast for your eyes AND your palate when you visit Susi!

Corner Tree Café, Makati

Images: Facebook/CornerTreeCafe

A simple vegetarian café with vegan options. Pro tip: visit them during 2.30-5.30 for an otherworldly afternoon tea experience.

The Vegan Dinosaur, Davao

Images: Facebook/TheVeganDinosaurPH

Easily the best vegan food place in Davao city – good, honest food, with the additional plus of also being vegan. Fantastic!

Nonie’s, Boracay

Images: Facebook/NoniesBoracay

Nonie’s is arguably the best all-round restaurant in Boracay. Try the sisig – it is simply delightful.

Lunhaw Vegan Café, Cebu

Images: Facebook/LunhawVeganCafe

It is not often that a vegan/plant-based meal can be genuinely described as ‘filling’. Lunhaw is the place to be if you have a big appetite and a sweet tooth to boot! Perhaps have a KitsKitchenn donut afterward?

Pipino Vegetarian, Quezon City

Images: Facebook/PiinoVeg

Pipino Vegetarian takes locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and turns them into creative Filipino vegan dishes, proving that 100% plant-based meals can be both healthy and delicious!

People’s Palace, Makati

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This is definitely a legendary place to visit, be it in the locals’ or the travelers’ book. Vegan Pad Thai? Yes, please!

Planet Vegis, Cebu

Images: Facebook/PlanetVegisCebu

How often do you come across a buffet entirely dedicated to vegetarian food? Exactly. Vegan options are aplenty here at Planet Vegis – dig in!

Green Earth Café, Bicol

Images: Facebook/GreenEarthCafePhilippines

Chill out in the lovely garden setting while enjoying a wonderful, fresh vegan meal. Don’t forget to grab some fresh produce for your dinner that night, too, while you’re there!