Non-meat menus and restaurants might not have been big back in the day, but it certainly is now. Whether you are trying it out for health or ethical reasons, what’s important is that you are here now. Let’s check out some of the non-meat menus in Manila!


Corner Tree Cafe

Images: Facebook/CornerTreeCafe

No longer does vegetarian food need to invoke feedings of pretentious food for the select few! The Corner Tree Café takes on international cuisine and puts their own vegetarian spin on it. Imagine flavour without guilt!

Try their Kare-kareng Gulay or Adsilog – nothing beats a classic.

Green Bar

Images: Facebook/GreenBar

There are bigger and flashier vegetarian restaurants in the region, but the Green Bar makes amazing use of the little space they have. This café is small and intimate, yet the food is huge in flavour.

You will fall in love with the food, whether or not you are Vegetarian!

Pipino – Vegetarian Food by Pino

Images: Facebook/PipinoVeg

Opened in 2010 in celebration of Earth Day, Pipino has not looked back since. They offer an entirely Filipino menu, filled with wonderful comfort food with the magical vegetarian twist – freshness with every bite!


Images: Facebook/Indulge

Never thought that vegetarians would be able to enjoy a pizza other than ‘Vege Delight’, huh? Well, look no further than Indulge! The name tells no lies – each and every slice is packed with flavour and fresh plant-based ingredients.


Images: Facebook/Herbivora

There is no better way to close out this list than with Herbivora, a vegetarian restaurant that serves food as its name suggests. Whether you are craving an indulgent curry or a nice, fresh sandwich, Herbivora has you covered!

 Pro tip:  Many restaurants do offer separate Vegetarian-friendly options for their regular meal choices. Use them! People’s Palace is a good place to start.

Where there used to be a lack of vegetarian options, there are now some quality establishments, and the community is very thankful for it. Hopefully, you will head out soon and try out these non-meat menus in Manila.