There are plenty of Filipino delicacies out there, but these 5 tops our list! Most of them can be found nationwide, so if you ever drop by a local market or street vendor, grab the opportunity to try them out!



Suman is one of the traditional Filipino delicacies. It’s a rice cake usually made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. There are a couple of variations of this, some would be served with Coco Jam which is called Suman Latik, while some use root crop such as cassava as its main ingredient.


Image: Third World Kitchen

A very simple snack but very popular amongst Filipinos is Biko. It’s a rice cake made from sticky rice, coconut milk and brown sugar. There are plenty of stores, vendors and markets that sell this. Rice is a staple in the Philippines so a serving of this can make you full in an instant. So be careful, it’s sweet and highly addictive.



Perfect snack for Filipinos, called Inday-inday in Negros Occidental but popularly known as Palitaw. It’s a small, flat, sweet rice cake made from sticky rice washed, soaked and then ground. After the excess water seeps out from the grinding process, the batter is rolled, flattened and formed into disk shapes and dropped into boiling water. It then floats to the surface, which is an indication that they’re done. It is usually served with grated coconut, sesame seeds and sugar. Truly one of the Filipino delicacies that you should try!


Image: Oh My Buhay

Turon is a deep fried banana roll and considered as a favorite. It is made up of ripe banana (saba), jackfruit and sugar wrapped in lumpia wrapper. It’s available all over the country; most families just make it at home. It is tasty and very cheap to make/buy.


Image: Youtube/PagkaingPinoyTV

This is made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, milk, baking soda and butter. Bibingka vendors are quite common near churches during Christmas season. They’re popular among churchgoers during Simbang Gabi. It’s served with hot margarine, butter or cheese on top. Some would even have a salted egg in the middle for a surprise salty kick.

When you visit the Philippines, taste these delicious Filipino delicacies. The Filipino palate when it comes to snacks is towards the sweeter side. So to those who have a sweet tooth, you’re up for a sugary treat!