Eating outdoors is best done in a cool night’s air, and there is no better place for that than Davao City. Days may be scorching hot, as with most countries within the tropics, but at nightfall, Davao’s temperature falls along with it. Take full advantage of the comfortable nights and clean, buzzing streets of Davao City with some of the best the Philippines has to offer Al Fresco style!

In our last of this series we featured outdoor dining in Metro Manila, and it is now time move a little south to the now-president’s hometown; here are some spots to enjoy al fresco dining in Davao City!

Jack’s Ridge

Address: Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City


What better way to enjoy the city that houses the Philippines’ tallest mountain (Mount Apo) than dining atop one? Sat atop Shrine Hills in Matina, Jack’s Ridge is a café, a restaurant, and a resort rolled into a tremendous experience, making it immensely popular with people from all around the country as they flock to this hotspot not only for the great food, but the breathtaking views of the city too.

Whether you’re looking to take a day/night trip or you’d rather spend the night, Jack’s Ridge is kitted out to fit most visitor’s needs. The restaurant serves phenomenal local and fusion delicacies, the viewpoint offers a stunning view, especially in the nighttime, and be sure to try the ‘Ferrero’ cheesecake in the café!

Roxas Night Market

Address: Roxas Avenue, Davao City


There is nothing that shows off the unbelievable never-give-up attitude of Filipinos (and Davaoeña/o’s especially) than the Roxas Night Market. Soon after the city mayor cut the number of vendors in half and required all vendors to carry and display a permit (to combat corporates taking over/keeping it family-run), a bomb went off in a terror attack.

Today (just having visited it tonight), Roxas Night Market is back to being busy, loud, and filled with good food. Local delicacies are mixed in with some foreign flair and Filipino ingenuity to create an unforgettable experience. There is just something about an open-top grill that makes you want to eat outside, and this is a genuinely awesome place to do so.

The Peak (Gaisano Mall of Davao)

Address: 5th Floor, G-Mall of Davao (J.P. Laurel Ave, Obrero, Davao City)

Image: Jerome Molina

With many new, flashier malls popping up all over the place, G-Mall of Davao has retained its overwhelming popularity, with it being packed full of people daily. With its 20th birthday coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate some of its newer features, more specifically ‘The Peak’, completed only recently in 2012.

The Peak helps incorporate G-Mall’s old-school charm with newer architecture, along with helping expand the sheer number of food outlets available to the people. Be it cafes, pizza, Chinese food or good ol’ Filipino food you desire, The Peak has it all and is perfect for both a quick lunch meetup and a much more luxurious dinner date.

Filipino food is famously tasty and decadent, and there is arguably no better place to enjoy great food than in the great outdoors. Davao City is full of great people and a vibrant atmosphere, the perfect environment to enjoy your delicious food. Ayos!