For most, the walled city of Intramuros is where we bring our foreign visitors to if they want to know more about our culture and history, and that’s about it… What they don’t know is the existence of Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant’s buffet dinner and cultural show, which preserved the ambiance of Spanish colonial period through its beautiful 18th century exteriors.

Doesn’t that sound exciting already? Let’s dive in!



The ambiance of Intramuros itself is one thing, but the ambiance of this restaurant is even more. It instantly transports every visitor in the olden days where everything was grand and classy. The restaurant is adorned with crystal chandeliers; hallways are lined with elegant carpet; and walls and corners accentuated with wood furnishings of intricate carvings.



In the hospitality business, providing best service is top most priority. And Barbara’s sure don’t disappoint. From start to end, visitors will feel like king and queens.


Apart from the beautiful spread of buffet, they serve authentic Filipino-Spanish food that will both delight the local and foreign palate. Every dish is meticulously selected, made with the finest and freshest of ingredients, presented well and replenished continually.

Cultural Show


When you dine with Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant, you are up for a treat as there is an interactive cultural show from 7pm to 9pm. It gives the guests a glimpse of the Filipino culture through traditional dances and folk songs from different parts of the country.

Tips and Reminders

  • Be sure to make a reservation before you go as the restaurant is always full.
  • Arrive early or be on time. You wouldn’t want to miss such an experience. Buffet starts exactly at 6:30 while the cultural show starts around 7:00pm.
  • Try and reserve a table near the performance area for a magnified experience.

Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant in Intramuros transcends the standard of service. It brings together authentic food, great art, ambiance and most importantly the vigor and spirit of the Philippines.