As the summer comes to an end, grey skies are much more prominent; rain and strong winds come more frequently; and the chilly atmosphere glues us to our bed. During this season, we tend to stay indoors and stick to only 2 things – sleep and eat. In short, it makes us lazy just like how winter can make your days gloomy. When the rains start to dampen our roof and mood, we normally crave for warm, hearty dishes to relieve us from the cold. Here are 5 delicious filipino dishes that will certainly warm you up during the rainy days:


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Sinigang is one of the most popular dishes among Filipinos. This dish has many variations. You can use pork, beef, shrimp, or fish as your main ingredient. This dish is easy and quick to prepare which makes for a perfect food for a lazy day. Other ingredients include radish, stock, string beans, kang-kong, and of course tamarind which gives the dish its unique taste.  You can also add other vegetables such as okra, eggplant, and taro.



This chocolate rice porridge is made up of glutinous rice, blended with sugar and cocoa powder. If you want it a little less sweet, you can replace rice with oatmeal. This dish is a popular breakfast and snack fare best paired with tuyo or dried fish for a sweet and salty combination, or milk and a knob of butter on top.



Lugaw is the Filipino equivalent to the famous Chinese congee. It is prepared almost the same way, but normally a bit thicker.  It is cooked in beef or chicken broth and topped with chives, crispy fried garlic, boiled egg and shredded chicken which are optional, and a slice of local lime called calamansi.  Lugaw is a common dish in the Philippines and usually sold by side street vendors and is enjoyed most when days are cold.


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Bulalo is the most popular beef dish in the Philippines. It’s made by boiling beef shanks and bone marrow for long hours, until the fat and the collagen melts into the clear broth. It may sound quite sinful if you think about it, but it’s a very satisfying and flavourful dish that anyone would crave when the weather is quite chilly. Usually served with potatoes, cabbage, and corn on the side.


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Sopas is a noodle soup made with shredded chicken, macaroni pasta, vegetables, and milk. If you’re feeling under the weather, or just feeling really cozy and cold, nothing is quite as comforting as a hot bowl of sopas.

What’s your favorite filipino dish during the rainy days?