Food Park here and there, in every main road, in every city. It seems that all these food hubs are just popping up everywhere like mushrooms! It’s thrilling to see all these young business-minded individuals engage into this type of industry and show how innovative they can be – not only with food, but how they present themselves.

So watch out, because most of them up their game by teleporting you to a whole new world of gastronomic adventures.

Here are our top 5 food hubs in Manila that you will certainly enjoy, especially when you want to experience something new and fresh.

Madison Commons Food Park, Kapitolyo


No two stalls are the same in this park. They are serious about their food and cater to different kinds of appetite. All 24 stalls are under 1 roof, meaning everyone gets to vibe and jive over food.

Arkipelago Food Park, Makati

Image: Facebook/ArkipelagoPH

A first of its kind – an Art, Eat, Play and Go destination. Apart from nightly acoustics and carefully picked food options that only meet high standards, they also collaborate with independent entrepreneurs and provide a gallery for them to showcase their products and talents. It isn’t only a food park, but a platform to many individuals.

North Hive Food Park, Don Antonio

Image: Facebook/NorthHive

This food destination boasts of a distinct and comfortable dining experience with its rustic ambiance and delectable food choices. It houses more than 20 different food concepts serving a wide range of cuisines. Not only that, they hold weekend bazaars where you can find the latest fashion and unique handmade goods, plus live music daily. 

StrEAT: Maginhawa Food Park


This hub is very popular, as it is one of the pioneers in this craze. They have quite a few branches already, which are spread out from North to South of Manila. They offer different kinds of delicious food that are presented like no other, so everyone who comes here are in for a real enjoyable treat. But this place isn’t only about food; it’s about bringing people together. More of like a convergence point of culture against a garden backdrop.

The interior of this place is very artsy. It has a Lord of the Rings kind of vibe as the food shops are presented in hobbit holes. It’s a big park, so expect lots of food options – varying from healthy drinks to greasy delicious foods.

Grub Hub, Congressional Avenue


 Tip:  Expect every food park to have more people than usual restaurants – more people, less parking. So if you are to go and would like a hassle free dining experience, don’t bring a car.