Diet is definitely the most difficult parts of making an environmentally conscious change. Most of us are used to consuming meat, making it a very hard habit to break. Well, we know a planet-friendly place in the stunning paradise of El Nido, which has just opened! The cafe offers tasty food and drinks and doesn’t break the bank.

The Healthy Alternative

Shaka El Nido is the third Shaka establishment, following their other cafes in Bohol and Siargao. Situated in Lio Estate, it is both near to the beach and the airport, making it as relaxing as it is accessible. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Exploring the Shaka menu feels like a cool day’s stroll through a vibrant, buzzing orchard, and having the freshest day’s produce prepared for you on the spot. They pride themselves on serving only fresh, real foods that have no additives or preservatives. Only the freshest fruits and vegetables, organically grown so their food tastes so good!

They are very well known for their bowls that are made from a variety of fruits, vegetables, and toppings. These superfood bowls are known to nourish your body and soul. If you’ve come in from the sun but you’re not too hungry and in need of something refreshing, the café also whip up the best cold pressed juices, exotic cocktails and legit craft beers to quench your thirst.

Care for the Environment

Caring about the environment has always been one of Shaka’s most important goals. Their fruit vendors use wooden baskets to transport the fresh produce, cutting down on plastic usage by a ton! What’s more, their coffee and superfood suppliers send their produce with 100% recyclable bags, too and with every bag of coffee they purchase for supply, a tree is planted!

The café don’t serve any animal products (bar the milk used in their coffees). They are aware that world wide meat consumption is on of the top contributors to global warming, and state that, “meat is not integral to every meal and by reducing consumption, your body and the environment will both benefit”.

Shaka’s care for our oceans also grows deeper than this with their “no take away”, low-waste mantra. The reason they decided not to allow people to take food out of the café is because they don’t want to add to the huge litter problem that already exists in the Philippines. With this notion they also refrain from using or supplying single-use plastics and don’t stock bottled water instead, they supply complimentary refrigerated water. All of their cafes also have reusable metal and bamboo straws.

Not only is Shaka looking to help out the environment, they are also helping out the local communities around them! As a unit, they often promote and help out during regular beach and town clean-up days.

Picture Perfect

El Nido is one of the busier parts of Palawan due to its breathtaking limestone cliffs, sparkling waters, and Mesozoic feel. There are a great deal of activities available in El Nido, the most popular being island hopping, but you’ll most likely find yourself stretching out and taking your time in the area. There are hidden beaches, quiet waterfalls, and surf along stunning white beaches.

Shaka El Nido is located on Lio Beach, an estate on the El Nido Bay with eco-tourism at heart. The beach is one of El Nido’s latest projects meaning that while everything is still quite new, not many travelers and tourists know about it. In fact, you will find quite a few locals going about their business!


Just north of El Nido on the island of Busuanga is the town of Coron which is also home to world class island destinations and the “cleanest lake in Asia”. Traveling south from El Nido by land, you can visit the Philippines’ longest beach in San Vicente and also UNESCO’s Underground River in Kayangan, not far from Puerto Princesa.

Palawan is the ultimate holiday destination and has garnered worldwide notoriety for being on the best islands in the world. With help from establishments like Shaka, the island can continue to display its beauty.

Must Visit!

Shaka El Nido finds itself home on a new, eco-tourism estate, surrounded by world class beaches, stunning seas and growing surf destinations. Lio Beach on Lio Estate has long been prized for its location and accessibility, making Shaka a must-try on the island! Even if you are heading in from El Nido town, it is but a short 5km ride to Shaka El Nido. There is no excuse not to visit and sample the freshest of foods in the Philippines. The café is open daily from 7am up until 9pm.

At the end of the day, El Nido is a wonderful place to soak up what nature has to offer and live life at your own pace. When you do visit, be sure to visit Shaka El Nido! Whether you are looking for a lunch in between activities, or a beer and a cocktail to finish your day with, Shaka has you covered.

Kickback, relax, smile, laugh, and share in the Shaka experience, all whilst helping the environment!

 Note:  This article was taken from SeventyOne Magazine Issue 7. Click here to read the full magazine.