These days, we all drink coffee not just because of its stimulating properties but also for experience and appreciation. A hot brew is the best companion during the cold mornings and certainly a stabilizer to a running restless mind.

Coffee is now perceived as a craft, art, and a foundation of pride. Knowing where your brew came from and what beans were used is considering its history and character. In the Philippines, local growers have gained recognition worldwide for its coffee produce.

Here are the kinds that thrive and grow in Philippine soil:


While it is the most acidic, this type is the most famous and widely consumed all over the world. The best of its kind comes from the provinces of the Cordillera Region.


This type is commonly cultivated in the mountains of Batangas, Quezon and Sorsogon. Some experts believe that this type of coffee has more smell to it than taste, and can compare its scent to a jackfruit. May be unpleasant, but it has a sweet and fruity flavor.

Liberica (Barako)

This traditional coffee bean is abundant in the provinces of Batangas, Cavite, and Quezon. Barako is the well-known variety of Liberica in the country and is defined as a strong, intense, bitter bean.


Usually bitter and strong, and sometimes described to have a burnt woody taste to it thrives in Cavite, Bulacan, and Mindoro. This type is used in the production of instant coffee and is added to some gourmet and espresso blends. Nevertheless, with its diverse flavor, some prefer to mix it with other beans to get that extra kick.

Coffee has transformed in a way where we get to pick the beans, method of brewing, to what goes with our blend. So tell us, what’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!