As the end of the year approaches, it would not be surprising for your mind to turn to a holiday. As someone with not many paid days off left, of course, you would be looking for a quick, yet satisfying, break from work, right?

Maybe it is time to turn your eye to Borawan Island in the Philippines! Borawan, a portmanteau of Boracay and Palawan, is sure to conjure up images of white sand beaches and plenty of natural beauty within the vicinity. Plus, if you do travel at the end of the year, you will be able to avoid the summer crowds and have the whole beach to yourself.

Where’s Borawan?

Situated right along the southern edge of Quezon, Borawan was relatively unknown until recently. Ever since the first travelers laid eyes on the island, however, it has become more and more popular as a holiday destination over the last few years due to its beauty.

What makes Borawan the perfect place for a short holiday is most likely its closeness to metro Manila compared to both Boracay and Palawan. While it may be the ‘lite’ version of the two, you may be a little more inclined to escape the tourists year-round and make yourself comfortable on your own little slice of paradise, right?

Allow us to take you there through our video!

Take me there!

The towns Padre Burgos and Pagbilao are located at the south of Quezon. It is within these towns’ waters that a whole bunch of islands and islets are situated, one of which is Borawan Island. The others include Dampalitan, Kwebang Lampas, and the Bilaran Sandbar, among others.

What makes it unique?

Borawan Island is the most developed, and therefore most popular, amongst its surrounding islands. It is also the closest island of the group to Padre Burgos, requiring only a fifteen-minute boat ride. This and its fabled Boracay/Palawan vibes do make it the most attractive of the islands just off the coast of Quezon. Do not allow yourself to believe that you will get the same level of development in Borawan as you would in the big two, as it would likely leave you disappointed.

This, however, does not mean that Borawan does not have its own unique charm. The island is still largely untouched, making a far more stand-alone island experience. Its shoreline is also mostly undeveloped, meaning that the white sand strips are visible from end to end, perfect for a peaceful stroll.

When approaching the island, the first thing you will notice is the rich flora that’s growing atop these sharp cliffs. These heights, along with its little nooks and crannies, are all just extra space for you to stretch out your limbs and explore!

Borawan may not be as popular, but it is an island in the Philippines that stands as beautiful as the others. You can read the full story in Issue 4 of SeventyOne Magazine here.