Through the years, Calaguas has evolved from being an offbeat destination to a go-to beach goal. What once a quiet coastline is now beaming with life, but despite all the activities and tours offered, its natural beauty is still as intact as it was discovered.


A group of islands in the Pacific, around 200km east of Manila, can only be reached via boat from the mainland, Camarines Norte. It boasts of powdery white sand beaches, clear waters and unspoiled natural resources, it is certainly a place where one can truly relax.

Image: Flickr/SoshiPerez

Long Beach

Long beach or “Mahabang Buhangin” as most locals call it, is the most frequented camping and swimming site by tourists. It is located in the Tinaga Island, which is the perfect backdrop for every photograph as it is lined with fine white sand and dotted with volcanic rocks on both ends.


If you haven’t been by now, go! Swim and frolic in its turquoise water, run around and feel the sand between your toes, enjoy its panoramic view as the sun sets, and the list goes on. Find happiness in Calaguas!

Featured Image: Facebook/Samantha Prado