The myth of the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan is a sad and tragic story about a hundred promiscuous men who started out right but ended up wrong.

Myth says that these seafaring men from a coastal town in the north were brave and industrious. They were also said to be faithful partners to their wives, devoted fathers to their children, and cared well for their families. These men were legends because of their exceptional marital faithfulness, and because of this, they were divinely gifted with great power to overcome every sea disaster or calamity.

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Whatever the mood of the sea, calm or harsh, the myth tells of every brave fisherman from the town of Ala-manos, young or old, going out at dawn and always coming back in the afternoon with an unbelievable catch. The supply of fish was aplenty. Even after selling their fish to nearby towns, what is left is still abundant and exported overseas.

When seas are high and rough, the neighboring coastal towns found fishing difficult; but never to the fishermen of Ala-manos. Regardless of weather and sea conditions, they still managed to bring home tons of fish daily without a single unfortunate event at sea. 100 men and their 100 boats, all bringing in astounding catch, more than enough to feed their families. The mystical exploits reached the ears of the nearby towns, which believed soon after that the fishermen of Ala-manos worked with the hands of God.

More fish came more fortune, while the other towns faced the opposite. But the myth points out that with the wealth these men were accumulating, it led them to neglect their wives and soon had mistresses from other towns. With such scandal, one day, when the 100 boats came out to see on a stormy morning, thunderous waves engulfed them up in an instant. Neither a boat nor a man returned that afternoon. Families were left waiting on the shore.

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One morning, the people of Ala-manos woke up to see a hundred islands on the sea. Myth adds that God warned them that each time an unfaithful fisherman sets out to sea would cause another island to sprout until the sea was no more. Since then, the men of Ala-manos became more faithful husbands.

That’s the myth of the Hundred Island. It shows that with wealth comes with great power, what it can do to it possessor.