Known as “Home of the Winds,” Batanes is a group of islands in the northernmost part of the Philippines. It’s surely on everyone’s bucket list, but getting there may be really expensive. So if you plan to go, plan it well and make sure to check the weather forecast as flights can highly be cancelled in this area because of its unpredictable weather. Here are a few of the many attractions of Batanes that you may want to take note of.

Chamantad – Tinyan Viewpoint


There are many beautiful viewpoints around Batanes, but this one shouldn’t be missed. Located in Sabtang Island, which is a boat ride away from Batan Island, is a great vantage point for Chamantad Cove. The cliffs, rock formation and the breaking waves will leave you speechless. You have to see for yourself, as words cannot describe it pure natural beauty.

Marlboro Country


Wonder through this charming panorama of green fields where horses, cows and other livestock roam freely. The rolling hills of greens, the sea of blues, and the touch of cold breeze in the air will give you the peace you’ve never experienced before.


Image: Amazing Batanes Tours

There are a couple of lighthouses in the area, all unique and equally beautiful standing on their own, and offering lovely background views. These lighthouses were built to guide seafarers across the ocean and serve as a destination for tourists. Have you seen postcards of the place? There’s always a lighthouse.

Sabtang Island Stone Houses


These stone houses in the province of Batanes are a symbol of the Ivatan’s strength and resilience. They still stand strong despite the heavy winds and typhoons that visit the island. While a few houses are ruined, some of these stone houses still home to Sabtang’s small population.

Valugan Boulder Beach


There is no white sand here, only boulders that create an incredible landscape framed by cliffs and hills. The boulders were emitted by Mt. Iraya when it was active a long, long time ago. Check it out and be in trance with the whole action in this place.

Enjoy, explore, and soak yourself in all the wonders that Batanes offers. If there is one word to best describe it, it’s breathtaking.