The Foundation

The SeventyOne Foundation is our non-profit organization based in the Philippines which aims to promote the fundamentals of environmental preservation, particularly marine conservation and the health of the Philippine waters and marine life. With the intention to help and inform the archipelago’s coastal communities, our organization strives to advance the concepts of ecotourism and sustainable living among locals and tourists for the betterment of the Philippine tourism industry and, most importantly, the country’s natural beauty.

SeventyOne Magazine and The Wave

To help spread our cause among both Filipinos and conscious tourists and travelers, the SeventyOne Foundation started two projects with the intention to inform, captivate, and invigorate the heart of their readers.

The first of the two media is the SeventyOne Magazine, a free, bi-annual, digital publication. SeventyOne Magazine houses articles that talk about current events regarding the Philippine islands, new tourist attractions that their subscribers would want to visit, endeavors of amazing people that innovate sustainable alternatives, and also problems that the Philippine waters are facing as well as also possible solutions to them.

The other project is the our ecotourism and travel blog, The Wave (You’re here already!). The Wave is a journal that gets fresh, easy to read, content frequently. With a grasp on a huge scope of topics, their travel blog will be your immediate go-to for travel advice, food and restaurant recommendations, success stories by passionate innovators, and you can also get yourself updated about the progress of the SeventyOne Foundation’s latest undertakings.

Both of these are completely free-to-read. So subscribe and join us on our journey, today!

How You Can Help

The SeventyOne Foundation lives and breathes through the help of their supporters. People who want to contribute to their cause can do so by a couple of ways. First, they can donate money to the foundation which will go into the funding of projects.

The second option is through volunteering. SeventyOne stands in the vanguard of multiple efforts involving the Philippine Islands and they are in need of people who are willing to help. From community cleaning to animal protection and education, there are many roles for their volunteers to play in order to help secure a better future for the archipelago.

If you would like to hold hands in a project that the foundation considers as something they see eye-to-eye with, the SeventyOne Foundation can help you kick-start your personal environmental campaign. With a community of seasoned environmentalists and nature-enthusiasts, you’d be in good hands as you walk towards a path of ecotourism with the SeventyOne Foundation by your side.

A Catalyst for a Better Philippines

The SeventyOne Foundation sees itself as a catalyst; bridging people who are concerned about the environment towards the realization of their personal aspirations regarding the Philippines. The SeventyOne Foundation’s goal is to be at the forefront of the motion brought about by their apprehension and passion for nature, promoting and encouraging sustainable-living and ecotourism, and you are more than welcome to be a part of that.