Surf’s up and you’re more than welcome to join in the ride. SeventyOne Magazine is a free-to-read, bi-annual, online magazine.

SeventyOne Magazine tackles topics as hot as the tropical sunshine regarding the Philippines seas and its coastal communities. The magazine publishes articles ranging from the heavy circumstances regarding the archipelago’s environment to curious anecdotes of exploration and adventuring the eco-friendly way. SeventyOne will be your one-stop-shop in staying updated, trendy, and most importantly, aware and knowledgeable.

We showcase popular destinations and we also bring the hidden gems to the forefront, allowing you to learn more about the most amazing places to be in the Philippines. Our writers share their personal experiences and recommendations to assist you so you’re ready to explore. From food suggestions, transportation tips and shortcuts, to the secrets of planning your itinerary.

Through us, you can also get to know people and companies that strive just as hard as we do for a better tomorrow. From individuals who have used their creativity and innovation to create environmentally-friendly products, to businesses that have fought against the stigma of the industry and have managed sow their principles and grow into strong timber adjacent the many skyscrapers of capitalism.

The magazine is the SeventyOne Foundation’s herald in its pursuance for clean-living, environmental restoration and protection, sustainable-living, and the preservation of marine life in the Philippine archipelago. It is an effort made by the SeventyOne Foundation to assist tourists and locals in their travels and also in order for the foundation to bring light to the efforts and progress they make in order to assist the Philippines.

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