Want to spend some time outdoors and get more adventurous? Then mountain climbing should be one of the things you must consider doing. Don’t worry if you have no climbing experience as there are a lot of mountains that both hardcore climbers and beginners enjoy. Here are 5 easy mountain trails that are perfect for beginners to climb near Manila.


Image: trailadventours.com

Mt. Tagapo is located in Talim Island between Cardona and Binangonan in the province of Rizal. This mountain’s distinctive geography makes it a unique nature getaway. The trail going to the summit begins by a boat ride to Talim Island. Hiking to the summit requires two hours and the trail is enclosed by bamboos.

When you reach the summit, you are able to see the wonderful view of Laguna de Bay and the fishing villages that surround the biggest lake in the Philippines. Also, you will get a beautiful view of the nearby mountains popular among hikers.

Pico de Loro

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Pico de Loro is a famous quick getaway destination for hikers and trail runners who are training for a bigger climb. When climbing here, you’ll have two options of which trail to take from the summit: Monolith or Parrot’s beak.


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Mt. Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna is another hiking spot for beginners. But just like any other hiking trail, you have to be careful when climbing on a rainy day as the trail gets really muddy. While it is best to climb this mountain during a sunny day, you would also get to see beautiful waterfalls that you can stop at and rest to.

Gulugod Baboy

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Mt. Gulugod Baboy, which name is literally translated to “pig’s spine” in Tagalog is another mountain for newbies. It is laid out in Anilao, Batangas which is known for its dive spots and beach resorts. As you hike the picturesque mountain, you’ll stumble upon some friendly goats and cows. The mountain has a lot of trails which is a curse and a blessing, so make sure you have a map and a compass when climbing this place.


Mt. Pinatubo is the perfect description of a beautiful disaster. After its demoralizing eruption in 1991 which took so many lives and buried houses in ashes, this active volcano is now one of the most beautiful hiking spots in the country. Trek through the lahar-filled land and enjoy the magnificence of its crater lake that changes color from deep blue to green depending what season it is. You can also add more fun to your hike by riding a 4×4 half of the way.

When you have decided to give climbing a shot, consider starting with the mountain trails listed above and try it out yourself. Please do not forget to wear safety clothing and your jug of water. Lastly, don’t forget to bring your enthusiasm and alertness with you!