When it comes to exploring new and extreme challenges like freediving, it’s wise to equip yourself first with a few tips and tricks to get you started. So if you are ready to experience the peace of the underwater world on a single breath, check out these top tips for beginner freedivers.

Take the PADI Freediver Course

If you want to try freediving, it’s best to take the course for you to learn the basic elements of the sport and its safety aspects, which is essential.

Never dive alone

This is the most important and number one rule in freediving, or anytime you’re in the water for that matter. The buddy system is crucial and should never be neglected. In shallow or deep diving, you should always have a partner so both can watch out for each other. Safety is priority.


Beginner freedivers tend to panic at the start, but relaxation is key to this sport. Deep, slow, calm breathing helps lower the heart rate so the body can conserve oxygen. Every tense muscle uses more oxygen and energy.


Beginner freedivers to experts always visualize, a good way to prep yourself before diving. This means, only surround yourself with positivity and your mind will automatically calm your body. Say a little mantra, sing a song in your head, or just think of anything that gives you joy.


You don’t get to be in such silence on land, so enjoy your time down there and cherish it. Be in peace, silence, or join a school of fish, swim with a pod of dolphins, or take pictures for your journal. You are free down there, so enjoy it!

Dive not only for yourself, but for the ocean too

The ocean is a world different from ours, but we all rely on it. And seeing all the challenges it is going through, it definitely needs our help. Start with your local dive shop, get involved and be an advocate for the ocean. Every dive you do, open your eyes and allow the ocean speak to you.

Learn from everyone

Beginner freedivers take theories from certified instructors, but it is also best to ask questions and learn certified divers, as there are different techniques for everyone. Master the course, build on your knowledge and get on the journey in finding what works best for you.

Remember, freediving is not limited to anyone. You don’t have to be an athlete or be really fit to do it. It is like yoga underwater, it’s about relaxation, technique, and peace of mind, than it is strength. Happy Diving!