It’s highly unlikely to thoroughly explore a place in a day. All of its nooks and intricacies require much more time and respect. Unfortunately, sometimes, all you have time for is a day trip, so you need to make the most of it!

This article will take you to places you might have thought about going but never had the time to. This time around, let’s explore the vibrant, colorful city of Cebu and let’s do it all in 24 hours.

Let’s go!

Despite not being the capital, Cebu City is certainly right up there in its chatter and activity with Metro Manila. With its traffic notoriously becoming worse and worse, upon touching down early in Cebu airport, make your way to the city ASAP, before the traffic builds.


Images: Facebook/AbacaBakingCompany

Make your way to Abaca Baking Company for breakfast! They serve a whole range of sweets and savories for all times of the day. Breakfast here, however, is absolutely divine, with the pastries fresh out of the oven. Starting your day here with a stunning Danish roll and a hot cup of coffee sets you on the course for a good time!


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Onward, you have a choice of either the Temple of Leah or the Cebu Taoist Temple before the day really heats up. The former is a literal tribute to eternal love, while the latter is a working temple, focused on peace and serenity. Take your pick!


Images: Facebook/PizzaRepublicPhilippines

Moving onto lunch, Pizza Republic has to be the place to be. Your pizza is 100% customizable, made with day-fresh ingredients, and baked in a wood-fired oven in front of you! Take your time and savour the camaraderie in this ever-growing metropolis. They are quite close to the Ayala Mall Cebu, which is conveniently the next stop.

Shop | Relax

Images: Facebook/AyalaCenterCebu | Facebook/MaitreChocolatierFacebook

You may be wondering, hey, is it not a little generic to spend time in a mall if you have only 24 hours in a city? Not at all! Ayala Mall in Cebu is unique as it has almost half of its shops along an outdoor park area and the experience is as unique as it is picturesque. Shop till you drop with some light refreshments in between!

 Pro tip:  Try the hot chocolate or any one of the artisan coffees at Maitre Chocolatier.


After starting the day off in a stunning little patisserie, if it’s a weekend, head on down to Sugbo Mercado, the night market. It’s the biggest weekend food market in Cebu, serving a wide array of delectable cuisines with merchants providing other lifestyle products like clothing, crafts, beauty and wellness.


Images: Facebook/Mr.ABarRestaurantCafePizzeria

Before the night closes out, grab a cab up to Mr. A’s Bar for a few relaxing drinks, to enjoy the cool night’s air, and for a stunning view of Cebu City, before it resets and does it all over again.

Cebu City’s charm is in its hustle and bustle and this short itinerary reflects that very well. You may not have a lot of time to relax, but when you only have 24 hours, you need to make the most of it. Follow this timeline and you will find yourself busy in busy Cebu City!