Davao City is very much unlike the other big cities in the Philippines. Sure, the city center bustles with activity during the work day, but the general feel is much more relaxed. This definitely feeds into the charm of Davao, which is where your next 24 hours away will be spent.

Let’s go!

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Right off the bat, after landing in Davao City, head into the city center and locate your nearest Taps establishment. Oddly enough, Taps has not taken off anywhere else in the country like in Davao. Once purely a breakfast joint, Taps is now open through the day, and you will find people sat down for a meal all through its opening hours.

(This is probably the most Filipino way to start your day; with some beef tapa, garlic rice, and a fried egg)

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After breakfast, make your way to Davao Crocodile Park! Take advantage of the morning while it’s still nice and cool, and stroll through the pride of Davao. Watch educational shows here and learn how to properly care for animals and raise awareness.

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As lunch is approaching, there are a lot of food establishments to choose from, but not many serve up beautiful international and Filipino fare like Keepsakes Café does. They have a few branches open, so wherever you prefer in the city, whether it be in Matina Town Square or right in the city center, by Davao Doctors, prepare your tummy!

Be sure to get in a little early, however! Keepsakes tends to be jam-packed around the lunch hour, filled with students and young professionals wanting some cheap, delicious grub.

As the temperature gets going, you may begin to get a little sleepy, especially after the delicious meal. This is where you whip out a book and get ready to get moving, as it is time to get café hopping! Davao’s relaxed vibe has given rise to a multitude of little gems around the city, and it would be a shame to not partake in this as the locals love doing.

 Pro tip:  F. Torres Street is exactly where you want to be for this and it is only minutes from Keepsakes in the city! A few quick must-visits have to be Green Coffee, Café Demitasse, and Café 52, among others. Choose to either hop around tasting their coffees and cakes, or finding one to settle in to help wait out the heat of the afternoon!

Images: Jack Ridge | Mindanao Times | Facebook/MTS

Dinnertime has arrived and this is where you will need to choose. Would you like a mountaintop restaurant that serves up some of the best Filipino fare around? Jack’s Ridge is the place for you. On the other hand, if you want THE vibrant street food spot in Mindanao, head over to Roxas Night Market! It needs no introduction and attracts people from all around every single night of the week.

As you wind your night down in Matina Town Square (MTS) with a few relaxing drinks, this day-long itinerary for Davao City has hopefully hit the spot. A chilled out, relaxed day for exploring a chilled out, relaxed city. Follow this timeline and savour the best of Davao City!