Are you planning to go on a vacation that takes you off the beaten path? If you’re the type of traveler who doesn’t have a thing for tour guides and exclusive resorts, then you will be pleased to know that aside from beautiful beaches and friendly people, the Philippines is also full of oddities that are awaiting to be discovered. From the abandoned hotels and the eerie city streets, to the scarce beauty of the historic walled district, there is a sightseeing place on this list for all kinds of people who are into something out of this world. Here are 5 of the haunted places in the Philippines you may stumble upon while traveling the country.

Balay Negrense


Balay Negrense is an ancestral house in the province of Negros Occidental. It was a home of a baron owned a sugar plantation, and it has several rooms for his 12 children. The house has been well-maintained until now, which serves both as a museum and a tourist attraction. The creepy thing about it is the way the each room has been preserved as if the people who lived there are still living there at present. Some rooms have its own mirrors and by looking at them, you’ll feel like something will suddenly appear.

Bahay na Pula


The Bahay na Pula, or translated to “Red House” in English is the Ilusorio Mansion, located in the town of San Ildefonso in Bulacan is one of the houses occupied by the Japanese soldiers. The house was used as a barracks where Japanese soldiers apparently murdered guerilla soldiers and raped women. It’s believed that the murders that happened in the house throughout the occupation of the Japanese has enthused tales about fidgety souls in quest of revenge and justice.

The noises heard from the red house were chains being dragged on wooden floor and coins falling down the stairs. Old people also said that there is a hidden treasure beneath the house but believed that it is being protected by snakes, so when anyone tries to find it, only snakes are what they are going to find.



Intramuros is one of the most popular attractions in Metro Manila, but it is also known to be victimized by the World War II, where hundreds of soldiers and civilians were tortured and killed. Thousands of people have died in the area when the city turned to ashes during Americans and Japanese battle that took place in 1945. The ghosts of the soldiers are said to walk at night still continuing to patrol the area. Screaming voices of the persecuted and tortured victims are still being heard all over the walled city during the night.

Diplomat Hotel


It is said that beheadings of priests and nuns by the Japanese during the Second World War took place here. In the early part of the 20th century, Diplomat Hotel, located in Baguio City, was a seminary that served as a cloister, school, and retreat house for Dominicans. When the World War II started, the place was attacked by the Japanese and the bloodbath started.

The residents around the Diplomat Hotel still hear banging sounds and screams in the middle of the night. A lot say that the fountain, where the babies were believed to be murdered, once streamed with blood. Some people believe that this place is where the dead connect with the living, so if you’re brave enough to look for some ghostly adventure, visiting this abandoned place will be interesting.

Balete Drive


Balete Drive is a two-lane street located in Quezon City, which is believed to be the haunted by a lady in white who’s allegedly seen around the site. They said that the white lady is the spirit of a girl who was killed in a car accident in the area when she was driving and lost her way, which is the reason why she has been trying to hail cars for a free ride.

Whether you are a believer or not, these haunted places in the Philippines will definitely provide you an experience of history and maybe chills in your spine.