With magnificent mountains, stunning rock formation, and toothed cliffs, it’s surprising that rock climbing is not a very popular outdoor activity in the Philippines. However, there are those who crave for adventure – professional or beginners alike, and take advantage of these landscapes and enjoy climbing them.

If you have ever dreamed of hanging high by the ocean or standing tall at the edge of a cliff, and still enjoy a view of endless skies, seas and mountains, the Philippines is the place for you. Here we feature 5 amazing spots to go for an incredible rock climbing experience.

Sagada, Mountain Province

Image: Facebook/KoyatKimkimbitan

Located in the backdrop of the picturesque Cordillera is the upland town of Sagada located in Mountain Province. With its inviting temperature and scenic sceneries, Sagada offers diverse activities that will make you excited. Aside from exploring astounding cave systems, trekking hidden waterfalls, and cycling on high terrain, Sagada will definitely expel your adrenaline level even more by climbing magnificent limestone cliffs.

Montalban, Rizal

Image: imonmywaytoyou.wordpress.com

Wawa in Montalban, Rizal is a famous destination for mountain bikers based in Manila. But, this small countryside town located on the slopes of the Sierra Madre is also a hub for another community of outdoor sports aficionados. Many rock climbers go here due to its splendid limestone cliffs, which offers one of the best and advanced climbs in the Philippines.

Atimonan, Quezon

Image: diazdennis.blogspot.com

Roughly 5 hours away from Manila, Atimonan is another climbing destination of choice for climbers who are based in Manila due to the quality climbs, picturesque settings, and brilliantly preserved routes it offers. The majority of the routes here are secured, though you can still see some trad routes around. Generally, climbing here demands technique rather than stamina. Most of the routes are face climbs, with some crack climbs and one very challenging sharp mountain ridge.

Cantabaco, Toledo, Cebu

Image: adrenalineromance.com

A one-hour trip through the forest and into the center of Cantabaco lays another must-try climbing spot of the country. The speckled limestone cliff stands in the little community of heartwarming locals. There are approximately 40 routes you can climb to get to the top. All of these routes are properly fortified with hangers that are fixed firmly with expansion bolts made of stainless steel.

Entalula Island, El Nido, Palawan

Image: Ricci Sylla

This island is about one house away from El Nido town. It has a 250-meter white sand beach which makes climbing here more unique.  Entalula Island is owned by the El Nido Resorts Company, so, rock climbing is exclusively offered only for the guests. Climbing is free at a certain point unless you want to climb further beyond the set point where they start charging you. The island has 10 climbing routes with almost similar levels of difficulty.

If you are new to rock climbing and want to try it, it is best to try wall climbing first as preparation before picking an easy climb route. You should also get on the track and start jogging regularly as it builds endurance. Once you’re ready, wear clothes that can act as your armour, to protect your skin from sharp rocks. Always bring water, it is highly unlikely that you wouldn’t sweat from exertion. Unless you’re Powder from that 1995 movie. Lastly, just don’t forget to bring your enthusiasm and your alertness.