The Philippines is breathtaking on its own, but these Santorini-inspired architectures will make every Filipino feel foreign to their own home. From cascading cliffs to whitewashed walls and blue furnishings, these will definitely bring you to Greece! We’ve listed a few for you, so check ‘em out!

Camp Netanya | Anilao, Batangas


A 2-3 hour drive from Manila is this Santorini-inspired resort with blue domes and whitewashed façade that cascades down next to the sea. It offers 48 guest rooms and villas, a dive shop, and a wellness center. Apart from that, one can engage in activities like diving, trekking, sailing, and even learning the art of belly dancing!

Fortune Island | Nasugbu, Batangas

Image: Facebook/RonieSantiago

One of the famed islands in Batangas is Fortune Island. This place claimed its fame due its iconic ruins atop the island’s flat hill – Parthenon-inspired pillars, several sculptures of ancient gods and mythical creatures, and the replica of the Spanish galleon to name a few. But that’s not the only reason why it’s visited by many, visitors can go swimming, snorkeling, cliff-diving and hiking.

Bellaroca Island Resort & Spa | Buenavista, Marinduque

Image: Facebook/BellarocaResort

Located on an island in Marinduque, which has been aptly dubbed the ‘heart of the Philippines,’ is this prime destination resort. Bellaroca is one of the first Santorini-inspired architectures in the Philppines, which opened its doors in 2009. Travelers can explore the underwater flora and fauna, visit the waterfalls, bathe in the hot springs, and tunnel through the caves while spelunkers can take delight in the limestone caves.

Kantorini | Quezon City, Manila


Nestled along Katipunan Avenue is this Grecian-inspired food park, Kantorini, a place for relaxing and delicious escapades. Aside from its Greek facade, you will be welcomed with unique food concepts and dishes from all over the world. Housing 25 food stalls, it will certainly satisfy one’s appetite.

Vitalis Resort & Spa | Sabangan, Ilocos Sur

Image: Facebook/VitalisVillas

Facing the West Philippine Sea is Vitalis Resort. It offers a total of 27 Grecian-styled rooms and suites, and numerous activities like kayaking, wakeboarding and ziplining. But if you just want to have a quiet time, there’s a private footpath to the beach where you can enjoy the tranquil sea and the beautiful sunset in peace.

So what are you waiting for? Pack you bags and head over to these Santorini-inspired architectures!