We had heard so much about Dahican Beach up to this point. Whether it was the stunning beach views or the lovely laid back people, there seemed to be no end to the praise toward this long stretch of sand. It was quite a ride away from the rest of civilization and the road there seemed long and windy. The sense of adventure kicked right in immediately.

From the Seas

Dahican Beach is very well known in Davao for its range of surface water sports and annual events. The sea floor drops off quite drastically around these parts and allows for giant sea swells to build, and crash onto the beach all throughout the day. This is a spectacular sight for any visitor to Dahican and a phenomenal experience for anybody looking to participate.

To the Skies

After riding the waves and soaking up the sun, most people take the short journey north to capture a view of Dahican like no other. Strapped in and gently gliding approximately 800 meters above the earth we cross over land and suddenly in near distance the lush green palm trees ended, fringed with a silver lining, Dahican’s beautiful white beach glistened under the sun below us. We were floating on a dream.

“Beach living at its absolute finest”

This is simple, beach living at its absolute finest. This is where culture, conservation, and water sports thrive, with the unique opportunity of flying high above the beauty of the south. We could not have been more pleased that we visited. Whether you prefer to camp it out in a tent on the beach, or splash out for a more luxurious room, the experience is unique, fun, and definitely one to treasure.

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