Because the Philippines is essentially a massive group of islands, transportation has evolved to become more and more efficient when traveling across land masses or oceans. Here are some of the ways you can travel around the Philippines during your stay.



Obviously, most countries have airplanes, but this becomes particularly useful in the Philippines. The sheer demand for a quick and easy way of getting from one city to another has led to both the Philippines Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air to offer reasonable prices to the masses!



For the trips that aren’t quite long enough to make the effort to fly, yet not short enough to ride a local mode of transportation. There are many bus companies with multiple routes, usually travelling inter-city.

Ferry and Bangka


Some of the earlier generations would remember that ferries were once commonplace in the Philippines. If you have a car that you want to drive from, let’s say, Davao to Cebu, you would have to get on a ferry, and take your car with you!

Speaking of which, the Bangka also used to be a relatively popular mode of transportation. It is a thin, long raft, and, as its very nature suggests, can be very prone to weather conditions. Nowadays, it is only used to reach remote islands (even then, motorised boats have largely replaced them) or for ‘tourist-y’ purposes.



An absolute Filipino classic! The jeepney has been around since 1945 and is the main mode of short transport for Filipinos to this day! The open-air jeepney travels a set route, as set out by the decals painted on its side and signs hanging on the front glass panel. It does not have designated stops, however, meaning you can hop on and off as you please!


Image: LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines

Most countries around the world have taxis and the Philippines is no different. Perfect for an air-conditioned ride from point A to B!

Tricycle and Motorcycle


Usually saved for the shortest of trips, the tricycle/motorcycle spend their days going to and from popular drop-off spots to individual subdivisions. Talk about door-to-door transportation! Motorcycles are also oftentimes used to get to places that no other transportation can reach.

There are many, many ways of getting around this wonderful little island archipelago. Hopefully, this piece has helped you learn how to travel around the Philippines!