Thailand is, without a doubt, world famous as the party central in Asia. Its vibrant festivals attract millions every year, and in between, people are able to sample some delicious food, meet friendly people, and relax on gorgeous beach resorts. When people plan a trip to South East Asia, it almost always includes Thailand.

However, those words do seem to trigger some memories of the Philippines, do they not? Vibrant festivals, delicious food, gorgeous beaches, and friendly people? While this stunning country still remains a dark horse within the jostling Asian nations, little gems have been showing up left, right, and center, all of which are capable of competing with the best.

Palawan has led the way, so it is only logical to talk about El Nido, right at its tip.


This island, the last frontier, is no longer a stranger to the traveler’s shortlist of Asian getaways, with its powder-white sand beaches and stunning sunset views gaining traction all over. There is so much to see in this little area, from the UNESCO World Heritage Underground River to the bustling, busy town center of this tourist haven.

El Nido

El Nido is one of the hottest spots in all of Palawan, comprising not only of over 50 white sand beaches but also over 30 dive sites. Each little nook and cranny of El Nido contain something new and exciting, which is probably the best thing about the place. Whether it is the secluded lagoons, tourist-friendly locals, or mountains to climb that you are after, El Nido has it all.

Much like Thailand, El Nido also caters to all budgets, from the student traveler to the business professional! Backpackers and hostels are just as common as fancy beach resorts, allowing for a wonderful mix of people along those shores.

Unlike Thailand, however, El Nido has its own quirks and perks! Island hopping is very popular in the Philippines and it is definitely at its height here. 45 islands are sat just north of the mainland, some inhabited and most not, just waiting for you to explore!

Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you.

Ranked #1 Beach Destination

Without sounding completely biased, El Nido has to be the ultimate tropical beach getaway. Despite being highly populated these days, its beaches are still clean and retain the sanctity that drew the crowd, to begin with. In fact, El Nido has recently been ranked amongst the most beautiful beaches in the world (it actually came first here)!

Thailand is wildly popular and it really is no secret why. Its international appeal combined with its celebration of culture causes ripples of excitement and intrigue across the globe. Many weary souls find their way to Thailand to recuperate on its stunning beaches, recharge on its delicious food, and unwind by dancing the night away.

The Philippines, as an up and comer, is producing heavy hitters of its own, and El Nido, in its own right, stands on its own two feet. The wider international traveling community have not yet clued into its beauty, which benefits those who have.

If you’re looking for a summer vacation you will never forget, give El Nido a try. Its good vibes and gorgeous views will leave you gasping for more.