We have all experienced the tedious, constant search for the cheapest flights possible to a particular destination. With numerous third-party flight search engines and constant changing prices, it can be overwhelming to search for the flight that will help you save some money. In this article, we will reveal 5 flight booking secrets those airlines won’t tell you about.

Searching for flights on midweek will show you cheaper options.

Image: Interaksyon

There’s a theory that Tuesday afternoon is the best time to search for cheap seat rate. There are some airlines that launch their last minute weekend deals during this time, as they tend to release their sales normally on a Monday evening, by Tuesday afternoon there’s a big chance for you to bag a great bargain on your airfare tickets.

You can get a refund when the price of the ticket goes down.

If you book your ticket and then the airline you booked your ticket from decided to cut down the price for the same flight a few days later, you should try to ask for a refund! This may not be applied on every airline, but it’s worth checking out their booking policy yourself as many of them add it on the fine print. But you won’t lose anything if you try.

Off-peak season is the best time to travel if you’re on a shoestring budget.

During the season when a particular destination gets a lower amount of visitors is when airlines and hotels tend to cut down their prices. For example, if you are planning a trip in winter, then go to Europe. On the top of the fact that there will be fewer people, you can explore scenic Christmas markets and do winter sports. This is also the best time to save money on accommodations.

Browsing in stealth mode will save you from manipulative airlines.

If you’re a frequent flyer, then you might have noticed that a flight rate has changed after searching for it more than a few times. The prices of flights do upturn when a specific route is constantly searched based on the cookies in your browser, this happens because the website wants to scare you into booking the flight right away before prices go even more expensive. Make sure that when you are searching for flights on a desktop, search in private browsing or incognito mode to see the lowest rate.

Sometimes, it’s cheaper to go on alternative routes.

There are instances when it’s cheaper to book multiple flights rather than flying directly. For example, rather than flying straight to Tokyo from Manila, it may be cheaper to fly to Kuala Lumpur first and then book another budget airline going to Tokyo from there. This way might be a little bit more time consuming, but if you have a lot of time to spare but less money to spend, then this will be a smart way to save a handsome amount of money.

Finding a cheap flight booking may be a tedious job, but if you consider following some of these secrets that we’ve listed, it may not only save you some time, but cash as well.